Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stupid KS weather and a prayer request.

Well, It is Wednesday and it is gloomy outside, :(  This makes me a little sad especially since we might get snow tomorrow.  Doesn't Mother Nature know that is MAY and that snow right now would be ridiculous. Okay I am done with that rant.

I said I would talk about the Royals game and I will do that now.  I had a good time. I was stinking tired, but I pulled through. I drank my monster energy drink that they gave me at the Dash and had some delicious beer. yummmm!!!
See I am holding a yummy beer. Oh and I am with my cousin and her good friend Ali. :) 

That is us at the game. 
I finally got to play stump, it was fun but a little scary. Good times though!!

I had a good time, but it was too cold and I was tired.  I think next time I won't try to pack so many activities in one day.  I need to enjoy each one individually. I think I can do it all in one day and I can't :( unfortunately I am not Superman.  I say superman because I am not a fan of Superwoman, I think she is kind of lame. But Superman on the other hand, well he is just freaking awesome. 

I am glad they invited me to the game, it was really was a good time, but next time I will be in better spirits!! 

So This weekend I have the Color Me Rad 5K in Wichita, KS.  I am really looking forward to this, but the weather there is not looking so hot. The high is 50 degrees and windy, BOOOO!!! Seriously Kansas, can you give me one nice day when I have a fun run. The one bad thing about the Dash was the weather so I was hoping the weather this weekend would be AWESOME for this run, well I guess that isn't going to happen.  But I am going to go and enjoy the heck out of it. I mean doesn't this look like fun?

I also decided that I want to run the 5 mile run before the River Festival here in Salina.  Anyone want to join me?? It is on June 8th and it begins at 7:00 a.m. I need to up my distance of running and that isn't going to happen unless I start scheduling some further distance races. I think I am signing up for a 5 mile race in July too, I think Caite and I are running in that one together. I think if I can run up to 5 miles then I can make a decision about running a half marathon at some point in my life.  But I need to get to that 5 mile mark first. 

Well that is all I have for you folks. I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday and let's hope the snow stays away!!

Oh yeah, I really would appreciate any extra prayers you can spare for my friend Janee' and her husband Chuy (Jesse). Chuy had a heart attack this last weekend.  I still don't know all the details yet, but I know he needs your prayers. They have a child that is younger than R and I know that he still needs his daddy(to be honest there is never a good age to lose your dad, but to live most of your life without one seems too sad and hard). So if you have extra time or remember, please say a little prayer for this family. Like I said in my Abby post, those prayers can be very powerful. Thank you!!!


  1. You go, Jess (can I call you that?)! You'll get to the 5 mile mark sooner than you know. And then it isn't much farther (further?) to a half marathon. You've got this! Have fun at Color Me Rad!

    I just said a little prayer for Chuy and family.

    1. Thank you Kelli, for the inspiration and the prayers. I am always amazed at the people who pray for people they don't know. I appreciate it more than you know!!