Friday, May 10, 2013

What to write when you have nothing to write

What does a blogger do when they have NOTHING to write about??!?!? Well I just don't write. LOL Well that is what I did on Wednesday. I tried writing 3 different times and it came out all preachy and weird. I have my favorite blogs that I read and on some of them they had some negative people commenting on their stuff and I'm just grumpy about that. PEOPLE, BE NICE TO ONE ANOTHER! I tried to write a whole post about this, but what it boils down to is that there are mean people out there, don't let them ruin your day or the things you love. If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all!! Who wants to read a whole post about that?!?!? yeah not me.

The other lame posts I tried to write about, well I don't honestly remember. So I am pretty glad I didn't hit the publish button on those suckers. So what on earth am I going to write about today??? hummmmm................

Well I went to the gym, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then I took a freaking break on Thursday and I felt like a loser. Yep, I should have just gotten my tired butt to the gym and did SOMETHING!!! Instead I went home and was all grumpy. I honestly tried to work out once I got home, I really wanted to run outside with R in the jogging stroller, but this is what really happened:

 I got home and then I couldn't find the jogging stroller. I sent Jed a text and asked him where it was and he replied with, it is in the barn, not the garage. So I change and headed out to the barn with R. We get out there and the barn is locked, WTF?? Who locks a barn?? Well I guess we do now. I went back into the house and looked for the key, couldn't find it. My blood is starting to boil now. I call my husband and he tells me where the key is at. Okay we are back on track folks!! Oh crap, where is R? Yeah he was missing for about 30-45 seconds. I freaked out and then quickly found him in the front yard. Whewwww. we are okay. Go to the Barn with the key and R this time and locate the jogging stroller, Holy Crap this might happen!! Get R situated in the stroller and we are off, WAIT!!! the tires are flat. HOLY MOLY, REALLY?!?!? I just want to run!!! So I take the stroller over to the air compressor and I am determined to figure that sucker out. I find the spot where all the air compressor components are located and find one that looks like it will fit and get the job done. Fast forward 5 minutes and I am about the throw the whole damn stroller in the lagoon. UGGGGG!!! Stupid air compressor, stupid flat tires, stupid stroller, stupid barn, stupid key, stupid afternoon of NOT running.

Point of this story??? Go to the freaking gym. LOL okay not really. But I think God was telling me to take the afternoon off and I should have just let it be. I get so discouraged at times and I really need to work on just letting things go. Letting go of things is not my best attribute. Have I mentioned that I cry every time we sell one of my vehicles or ATVs. Yep, I get emotional and I can't let go! Well I do eventually, but it takes me a little bit.  Everything has a memory to it and I have a plan for everything. So if my plan doesn't go accordingly I get pretty darn pissed! Ask my husband. So I am either crying like a baby or turning into the incredibly hulk.
This is how I looked when we sold our first Honda. People I thought the world was going to end!! LOL (oh did I mention we sold it so we could get a better car, yeah I might be crazy!)

Arrrgggg. Where is the jogging stroller & why is the barn locked!!! (I swear that is what he is saying!!)

So this afternoon I am going to attempt to run outside with my friend at a park. Let's hope it happens, I don't want to turn all green at the park and rip my clothes, that will be the fastest way to clear out a park.  Nice visual, I know!! Have a good week and try to let things go!! Oh also be freaking nice to one another! 

OH YEAH AND HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! I know I am a few days early, but I don't blog on the weekend (or on Wednesdays apparently). It should be nice weather in KS so go do something outside. My momma will be in the wonderful state of Colorado enjoying her vacation, your welcome Joy. Okay, I didn't give her a Colorado vacation, but I allowed her to go. Okay that isn't true either. To be honest I didn't get her anything, but she told me NOT to get her anything. Don't worry folks, I will come up with something.  But the rest of you folks, go get your momma something nice or at the very least call her and wish her a happy mother's day, JUST DON'T FORGET ABOUT IT COMPLETELY, that is just mean!! 

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