Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I freaking fell off the Wagon!!

Man, What a weekend!! Did ya'll have a GREAT weekend?? Mine was pretty darn good, no complaints here. 

Friday I went home from the gym and got myself ready because we decided we would try the new restaurant in town that is suppose to be like Chipotle.  I tried dried shampoo for the first time, that was exciting (do you like to try new things like that, I get all sorts of excited to try new hair products and make up!!).  The shampoo was good, the restaurant was mediocre. I had a burrito bowl instead of a burrito, but I did end up having rice in my bowl. I REALLY did think about having a salad, but the rice looked so yummy. I will say I will give it a try again, but I am really hoping it is better next time. The meat in my burrito bowl really needed to be warmer and their salsa needs to have more spice and then this girl will be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Why doesn't he ever look happy happy happy?? LOL

On Saturday morning R and I went into town and did some shopping. We had to get a gift for his cousin which meant going to the K-state store, which is one of MY FAVORITE STORES!!! Okay folks, I graduated from K-State, so it is perfectly normal for me to get giddy when I am in there. I actually did a good job of containing myself though, I got a shirt for my nephew and 2 tippy cups (one for R and one for my nephew). Then we ran to target and Wal-mart. I did all of this with a 2 1/2 year old, I think I deserve freaking mother of the year award. 
He enjoyed this ride for about 5 second and then realized it wasn't going any where. Country living is definitely making things like this a little dull. But he still had to ride the darn thing, sigh. 

So instead of getting a mother of the year award, I came home and ate lunch, put R down for a nap and enjoyed a few of these. 

cleaning the house is much easier when you have had 2 or more of these!! LOL 

That night we had some friends over and that was really nice.  It was relaxing and we proceeded to enjoy more brewskies. My husband decided to take a 3-wheeler chopper ride with his friend.
So this pic is from the sand dunes, but he pretty much looked the same when he is riding it at our house!! LOL 

So needless to say he had a good time!! On Saturday I ate pretty good. I didn't really cheat except for the tiny spoonful of pasta salad and of course the brewskies. But come on, it is the weekend!! So I thought I was doing good (on the whole eating healthy business) and then Sunday came and we went to Omaha.  We ate lunch while we were traveling and that wasn't the healthiest meal, I had a beer rock and some french fries (whoops). Then we had dinner at my sister and brother-in-laws and I had a hamburger with a bun (whoops) and tator tots (double whoops), but then came desert and I had 2 pieces of cake (Holy crap, I officially fell off the wagon ) and I continued my brewsky drinking that night as well. Then Monday morning came and I continued to stay off the wagon with my bacon, sausage, and cinnamon roll. Lunch we went to Chick-fil-A and that was pretty darn good, I haven't eaten there in FOREVER. So yes I did enjoy my chicken sandwich and waffle fries.  Once we got back from Omaha we had dinner and yes I could have jump back on the wagon and done better, but this girl (my inner fat girl) was stubborn and I ate a hot dog with a bun and some more pasta. Yeah, I think I was in a carb coma afterwards. But you know what, I don't feel that bad about it. This morning I ate my oatmeal on the way to work and I am getting ready to eat my yogurt. I am excited about the week ahead and I am NOT going to fret about the weekend. I know that it is hard to eat healthy while traveling and I am going to chop it up to that. End of story. 

After Dinner we all went into the barn and R helped Jed with some of his chores.

Those two are seriously the 2 cutest guys ever!! They make me smile so much! 

So the weekend was a pretty darn good one. I didn't run the 5K, my shins are shot and I am going to give them a rest.  That doesn't mean I am going to stop working out, it just means that I am not going to run for a while.  There is a 5K in Great Bend that I might try to sign up for on June 15th, but even that might be too soon. I not going to fret about running either. I was starting to get really down about not being able to run, but you know what, WHO CARES!!! I am still going to the gym, I am still losing weight, and I am still accomplishing my goals. My running days aren't over, they are just on hold. 

So that is my weekend, how was yours?? Did you eat healthy?? Did you work out (I am kinda wishing I did!!)?? 

Oh yeah, I did buy some new workout tank tops at Old Navy, this is what they look like:

they were on sale and they might still be!!.

I love getting new work out gear because it gives me a little bit more motivation.  What is your FAVORITE workout gear?? Seriously, I want to know.  Maybe I am missing out on something. 

Have a good week!! I am so glad it will be a short one, we are looking forward to staying home this weekend. As of right now, WE HAVE NO PLANS. This is unusual for us, so we are looking forward to it!! 

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