Wednesday, May 22, 2013

comfort zones

Okay, So I have talked about how I am not scared of trying a new workout class or a new gym because honestly I don't care what other people think of me at a gym and this still holds true. But what I am finding out is that I am having a harder time changing my diet and following someone else's directions. It is a little overwhelming, but it needs to be done. I talked to a personal trainer at the new gym and she basically laid everything out for me and here it is.

And then here is the approved foods:

This all seemed pretty easy except for my meal 5 which is NO starchy carbs.  I did not realize how many dinners I have made that required starchy carbs so I feel like I am going back to the drawing board for dinner ideas. Which is frustrating. People I don't like to cook. I am completely serious when I say that I DISLIKE cooking.  The only reason I cook is because I don't want my 2 1/2 year old to grow up on fast food. To this day he doesn't know what McDonalds is. You can say we are going to McDonalds and he looks at you like, "ummm yeah okay, what is McDonalds."  I hope it stays that way too!! We go there when we are traveling and that is about it. R and Jed is the reason I cook. So when I have to start from scratch it made me a little grumpy. So I e-mailed the trainer my meals for yesterday and this is what I got.

My honest thoughts and corrections below in red...
Breakfast:1 piece of toast with 2 egg whites and turkey sausage. (the eggs and sausage are left overs from the night before, so it was probably only one egg white but I am not sure)
TRY TRY TRY to stay away from toast.  I know it's typical american, but that's the reason for the high obesity rate.  Milk and Bread= Fat Americans.  Try Oatmeal or a LOW SUGAR cereal like Kashi brand. AND for protein... 2 whole eggs (hard boild or scrambled)

Snack: yogurt (perfect if it's low sugar grams and 6 oz)

Lunch: santa fe chicken salad from McDonalds (tried some of the Justin's almond butter and chocolate hazelnut I probably have over a pack left of each) No Almond butter here... add a banana or apple to the side of this for lunch and us a basalmic dressing (Nothing creamy)

Snack: protein shake (No more that 150 calories allowed for this shake) and have your almond butter and celergy or carrot sticks here

Dinner: one whole egg with rotel, peas, 2 turkey sausage links,  Acceptable!  I like that you stayed away from the carbs for the evening meals, HOWEVER... YOU NEED MORE GREEN Fiberous veggies in your diet.  Try chicken, fish, turkey, lean ground beef with asparagus, broc, peas, green beans, stir fry made with fresh peppers, onions, mushrooms.  Another easy idea for grilling (now that its summer) are Kabobs!  You can put chicken or lean beef on a stick and add all types of veggies...
My goal is to get you and your family to transition from the typical American diet where we think we need potatoes and bread at each meal.  Learn to embrace the veggies and experiment with a variety of foods.  You can't ever do it wrong if your trying new things and explain to your family why this is important to you as a "FitMom" to learn how to eat healthy!  Your taking care of YOU so that you can GIVE to them.  No one can help others unless they help themselves first.  So if you need recipe ideas or a variety of ways to cook... be honest and let me know! I have your back 100%! I'm here to help where I can.  And if you want recipes, send me back a brief list of things your family are allergic to so I don't include those for recipes...  I have everything from healthy cookies, chocolate protein bars, pancakes and more that taste fabulous.  Also, I have a 25% off coupon you can have so when it comes to protein shakes, your can get a discount at Complete Nutrition.  You don't HAVE to use it, but I'll give it to you so you can check the proteins out and save money.  I want you consuming WHEY protein  instead of soy or casein based protein.  It's the most natural and healthy for the body to digest.  Let me know any more questions or thougths!

my meals are in black and her comments are in red. 

Yeah that is a lot RED!! But she is sweet and is honestly being helpful. I have only counted calories before so this is ALL new to me. I have not responded to this e-mail yet, but I will this afternoon. And I guess I will stay away from toast which is I don't always have for breakfast, but it is fast and easy and good to take with me when I running behind in the morning. So I might actually have to do some meal prep on the weekend. Who the HELL am I turning into?? I try to make a menu each week, but I have NEVER done meal prep, but I am thinking that is where I am heading at least for my breakfast meals. We are running so far behind in the morning that I do NOT have time to cook up an egg. 

On the positive note, I didn't completely fail. I am making progress and that is what my journey is about, progress. I also found some yummy new food. 

I found this at our local Dillons in the health food isle, you know by all the granola bars/protein bars. It is on the very bottom shelf and was hard to find, but worth finding. This is going to be similar to peanut butter, but healthier for you. You can get it in a jar, but our Dillons didn't have it. I have seem this item on other blogs, but until yesterday have not had a chance to try it. It is pretty darn yummy in my book. 

Also, I am IN LOVE WITH TURKEY!! If you read through what I ate yesterday you will see that I ate turkey sausage in 2 different forms yesterday and it was way better than regular sausage.  I can say that because I really like regular sausage, but turkey sausage is the same without ALL the grease.  Now some of you may say you like the grease, but I promise you once you try the Turkey you will realize you don't like the grease, you like the taste of meat!! 

made this last night and neither boy realized they were turkey until have they complimented me on dinner did I tell them I used turkey sausage :) 
I used this with my scrambled egg whites. and once again the boys didn't even notice it was turkey sausage, so it is boy approved :) 

So I am feeling pretty good about everything. My work out routine during the week is pretty good and challenging and now my food intake should get a lot better. I think the I am on my way to a more healthier Jessica and I am pretty darn excited for that. If you have any LOW/NO carb recipes please let me know. I am trying really hard to follow this meal plan and I am going to need help!! 

Also, the personal Trainer that I am working with has LOST A LOT OF WEIGHT!! She isn't some skinny gal that has ALWAYS been skinny and is yelling at me to lose weight.  Nope, she has been in the same boat as me and is super sweet. I really enjoy working with her. I think I am going to ask her to do a guest post on this blog or an interview, what do you guys think?  Would you be interested in hearing someone else's story?  I am telling you, you will fall in love with her!! 

Have a good week folks and keep moving!! 

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