Friday, May 3, 2013

The journey

Today I was not sure what I wanted to write about.  My scale is making me mad. Any given moment I weight 175, 173.8, 171.  Seriously my scale sucks right now and I am in need of another one. This morning I saw all three of those numbers. So I am not sure what I weigh to be honest. STUPID SCALE!

who cares, my scale is all effed up any ways!! 

So needless to say I was grumpy this morning and felt a little defeated. I mean what the hell am I doing all of this for?? My stupid scale isn't moving and this week I have felt exhausted, so really what am I doing this for??  But then I thought about the Color Me Rad 5K that I am running tomorrow and I thought that is why I am doing all of this.  I can run 3 miles on any given day. Yeah you read that right.  On Wednesday I ran 3 miles and I could have ran more but I ran out of time (like that pun!). I have NOT ran 3 miles non-stop since my 5K at the beginning of April.  So I know I am doing something right. This journey isn't all about pounds and inches.  It is about achieving things I didn't think I could do. I ran my first 5K and did my first Warrior Dash all in one month!! I am doing my 2nd and 3rd 5K this month and plan on running 5 miles in June/July. I also committed to doing a Tough Mudder with my cousins (let me remind you that it is 10-12 miles of hard/crazy obstacles).  So yeah I am moving in the right direction.  I may not be moving as fast as I want to be, but at least I am still moving!! I am enjoying life. These are all things that I have wanted to do but didn't because I was either scared or didn't think I could do it. Some days are better than others, but in the long run this is all for a great cause.

Tomorrow I have the Color Me Rad 5K and it is going to be cold and possibly raining.  Normally this would be a reason for skipping it. But to be honest the cold and the rain aren't going to scare me this time.  I know it is still going to be a GREAT time and I am looking forward to it.  This is another change I have made, I stopped making excusing for not doing things. I registered and I am going to run this sucker. Before I would just say, ehhhhh they can have my money, I am not going to run in the rain and cold. But the rain and cold is what makes this a challenge and a memory you won't forget. So I will be there tomorrow ready to run this sucker with my friends and family.

So this is why I am doing all of this. Because it is a life style change and not a diet. I may not be at my goal weight yet, but I have met some pretty awesome goals already. I will have some bad days, but over all I am pretty happy with myself. Who cares what that scale says?? Well I do, it helps me stay accountable, but it isn't the only thing that makes me happy on this journey.  Yes losing pounds feels pretty darn awesome, but pushing myself to another limit feels pretty darn awesome too. Constantly challenging myself feels pretty darn awesome as well. So I am going to move forward and keep working towards ALL my goals.

Today is a win for me. Normally when I would get this depressed I would just quit and go have a candy bar or something unhealthy, but today I will eat my banana and think about the race I am going to run tomorrow and know that I can finish it!!
I am also doing it for this little guy. I want to be around to see all his smiles!! I want to make memories with him!! 

How do you get past your bad days?? Do you have family/friends to help you get through them??If you want some motivation or help getting past those days please let me know. We can help each other get through them. We can do this!!! I am much more positive when it comes to other people, but in the end I know I can do this too. Let's do this together!!

I hope you all have a good weekend folks. I know I will even if the weather is crappy and cold. I will be outside enjoying MY life. I only have one life, I might as well make the best of it!!

Also, thank you all for the prayers for my friend and her husband. I am hoping that next week I  will have some good news to report to you.  He is finally off his medication and is slowly making progress.  He still hasn't woke up, but he is getting there. So keep praying, it is WORKING!!! Thank you!!

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