Friday, May 31, 2013

Where the hell is that PEN?!?!?

So yesterday at work was pretty mellow and then at the end of the day I had to go by the post office to mail a package and this is when my WHOLE afternoon schedule went to hell. I basically forgot to pay our (Davis household, not work) end/beginning of the month bills, you know End of May/Beginning of June. And so I frantically went through my purse and found the bills that needed to be paid. Then I looked around and couldn't find the ONE pen I have in my car.  So I am THAT person in the parking lot of the post office looking around her car like she lost her mind!! I look in my purse, no pen. I look in all the nooks of the car, no pen. OH HELL!! By this time it is 4:20 and I am thinking, Well I am not going to make it to group power today, but I can still make it to the gym for a workout. Still can't find that damn pen!!! So then I remember seeing a pen on the floor in the back seat, so I get out of car and start looking in the back seat, still NO PEN!! CRAP! Finally I get over to the passenger side and go through all the crap that is there (this is my dumping station for ALL random stuff) and there is the magical pen laying on the ground!! YAY!!!  I get back to the front seat and start writing checks and realize that our cell phone bill was due yesterday, FABULOUS! So I put that one off to side and I will pay that one over the phone/Internet, so if you call me today and it doesn't work it is because I forgot to pay the darn bill, LOL. I get the rest of them done and in their envelopes. I run into the post office and mail the package for work which took a little longer than I hoped, but got it all done. Then I look at the time and it is 4:45. What the HELL. There is no way I am going to make it to the gym before I have to pick up R and I still have to go to the bank for work. BOO!!! So I decide to skip the gym! First time in a long time, but the decision needed to be made :( But I got a couple other errands ran before I picked R up from daycare and so it didn't feel like the whole afternoon was a loss. 

It was really bugging me that I didn't make it to the gym yesterday and it kept nagging at me all evening. I was trying to tell myself that it is okay and I will go on Friday (today) and then either Saturday or Sunday, no big deal. But the chances of me going on the weekend are slim. Enter me with a frowny face. So I make dinner and go on with my evening. Then as I am giving R a bath I realized I had this AWESOME thing down in my basement, P90X!! Boo ya!!! I will do P90x today. Then I get excited (Enter Jessica's smiley face) and try to figure out which DVD I am going to do, I mean I can DO ANY ONE OF THEM!!! (Yes it is the little things in life that make this girl happy!!) 

So after R is asleep I get out the book that holds all the DVDs and I am trying to figure out which one I want to do.  I didn't want to do anything that required a pull-up bar because I would need my husband to install it for me and I didn't want to ask him to put that up for me (Jed hurt his back the other day, don't worry he is fine, maybe at the end I will tell that story!) So I had decided on one of the beginning ones and then I thought no, what is the part of me that is the weakest? Well that is my triceps. So I pulled that disc out and started her up. 
So I get started and then I realize this is the Disc with all the STUPID push-ups. F%ck ME!! So he starts off with some easy ones and then as you move along they do get harder. I found myself able to do MORE and do them with better FORM!! So I am doing something right. And the most AMAZING thing happened, I was able to do about 7 clap push-ups. You know where you do a push-up and then at the top you clap without falling on your face. I think before I MIGHT have only done ONE of those correctly.  But HOLY COW, I did 7 of those suckers last night. I am still freaking proud of myself today!! So now looking back at the whole experience, I am so glad I couldn't find that stupid pen.  I had I found that pen I would NOT have done P90X last night and I would NOT have seen the progress I have made since going to the gym. With all this being said, I do think I am going to add P90X to my weekly schedule. I would like to do 1 disc a week. One it keeps things different and it is fun to see my progress. Oh and the fact that my arms are sore today (darn you Tony Horton) means it was still a GREAT workout. 

Once again, this got a little long and windy. But even if you can't make it to the gym, there are still things you can do at home. And I know for a fact that A LOT of P90x routines are on Youtube, so if you don't have a homework out disc, then look something up on youtube.  Just keep moving!!! I didn't get as much house work done as I wanted, but I did get a load of laundry done, folks it is the small things that keep the Davis household up and running :)  But the one thing that didn't get messed up last night was my eating. I ate a turkey burger (4 oz) with some corn and watermelon. Last night was the first time I had turkey in patty form and let me tell you this, I LOVED IT!!  Turkey, where have you been all my life?? And why am I surprised every time I eat it that I end up loving it. I added Worcestershire sauce and some pepper. Another smart thing that I did last night was make 4 patties and so this weekend I will have something EASY and yummy to eat. I pretty much set myself up for SUCCESS!! Boo YA! 

Also, I will let you in on a little secret. I am going to take some updated photos. Well to be honest I took some last night and I can tell a difference!!! BOO YA!! but the photos don't look that great and my room is a disaster so I am going to work on that this weekend and hopefully have some before and not-so after pictures for ya!! Enter EXCITED Jessica face!!

I am hoping you guys don't mind pics of my kid because look at that face, he is too cute to NOT share. 

you might be a redneck if you are turkey hunting from your house. LOL This has been R's newest thing, he likes to use binoculars. We were using them the other day because we saw a turkey on our land and then he crossed the road to the other field and we were trying to track him. R of course that this was incredibly fascinating. So now he just likes to look for stuff through binoculars and get excited when he sees a bird, flower, or something that moves in the wind!! LOL

Well folks that is all I have for you today. I will tell you how Jed hurt his back next week. Maybe I should ask him for his permission first and then tell the story. NAH!! LOL Have a good weekend. The weather should be nice in the KS area so hopefully we will be able to track turkeys from outside our living room!! 

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