Friday, May 24, 2013

I did it! I did it!

I did it! I did it! That is what R says when he just got done using the potty or when he buckles his own belt in his car seat. He basically says it when he is proud to have done something. Well I am stealing it from him. Because I did it!! I lost more weight. Today I got to see this on the scale

Okay so I made it look a little fancy. My scale doesn't look like that, but I having been playing with one of my apps (Beautiful Mess). So I think that means I lost 1.6 pounds since MONDAY!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! 
I may or may not have look like this after I weighed in this morning (minus the whole boy look)!! LOL Can you imagine what I will do when I get below 150!! 

So I think I deserve to say "I did it! I did it!" The whole NO starchy carbs at night seems to be working. I can taste the 160's! Plus ALL my clothes fit so much better or are too big. That is such a good feeling. I actually look forward to getting dressed. I still have a LONG way to go, but it feels good to know that I am back on track.

So in my last post I talked about NOT having toast for breakfast and I have given that up.  Instead of toast I eat oatmeal.  And I have made that travel friendly, see below. 
See I put it in a mug and I eat it on my way to work. I have about 7 miles of high way driving and this seems to work for me. And it is yummy. 
This is the oat meal that I am eating these days.  It isn't the sweetest oatmeal out there, in fact the Quaker Oatmeal is sweeter and a little yummier, but this is healthier and is pretty good for a healthy option.  Plus I am NOT a big breakfast person, so really it doesn't matter to me if it isn't the most delicious meal of the day. I am not hungry in the morning so I have to force myself to eat breakfast and as long as it doesn't taste like a shoe or dirt I am doing good. But this taste much better than a shoe or dirt and they have other flavors.  I tried the cinnamon roll flavor too and that seems to be a little sweeter so I may go back to that after I run out of the Maple and Brown Sugar. 

Also I have been to the gym for the last 4 days and I have my gym bag with me today. I also learned that if you have some good music to listen to, then working out by yourself isn't so bad. On Wednesday and Fridays I lift weights with the big boys and the first time I forgot my head phones and I found myself rushing through my work out and just trying to get done. But this last Wednesday I made sure I was able to listen to my tunes and that REALLY helped. It made a HUGE difference. Don't laugh at me, but when "You Can Do It" by Ice Cube came on I found a little extra umph. I am all gangsta dancing in the gym.  LOL It is very entertaining for the other people!!  So I am looking forward to my workout tonight (I may have to take a hip hop dance class so I don't make such a fool of myself!!). Next week I will be more specific at what I am doing at the gym (other than dancing!). 

So there is a 5K tomorrow and I have decided to NOT run in it. WHY???I tried to run last night with my old running partner (my dog, Sahara) and I immediately could feel the pain in my right shin. So that means no running this weekend. I am pretty bummed about it, but I know it is for the best in the long run. There is another 5K in Great Bend on June 15th and I would really like to run in that. So maybe if I rest until then I will be able to make it to that one. I am keeping my fingers crossed!! 

I hope you guys have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend. I probably won't do a post on Monday, we will be out of town. My goal is to continue with my meal plans over the weekend and I have a feeling that it might get a little harder, but I really want to push into the 160's next week. And I am completely serious when I say, if you have ANY non-carb recipes to send them my way. It is harder than I thought, but I am pretty determined to make this work! 

Have a great weekend Folks!! If you have fallen off the wagon, just jump back on it! Don't look at the butt print that you left when you fell off, just look ahead of where that wagon is heading! 

So I thought this one was cute. I had to put it on here. Sahara looks at me that way and then I tell her to take her own advice!! LOL  and Yes I have in depth conversations with my dog, you don't?!?!? Strange!

Adios amigos!! 


  1. Looking good lady, keep up the good work, very PROUD of you, love you

    1. Thanks MOM!!It is good to know with some hard work you can see results!!