Friday, November 15, 2013

The good and the bad

I am going to warn you, I am not really sure what I am going to blog about today. Sorry for the rambling. 

This week has been a little hectic. Work was hectic and home life was hectic. Jed had to go out of town for a few days for work which meant I got my workout when I could. I was lucky to have a friend watch R while I went to a new to me class at the gym. I liked it. It was called group ride and it is similar to a spin class. The rest of the week was a combination of morning or evening. I didn't go at all on Wednesday and so in Thursday I felt grumpy about it. So what did I do? I ate like crap. No kidding, I had pizza and chips. And then for supper I had tuna helper. Have I ever mentioned how I LOVE TO COOK. Oh yeah you will never hear me admit that because I don't love to cook, I pretty much hate it. But I hate my family's eating out every night more, so I at least make something. And since I was grumpy yesterday and feeling lazy I made Tuna helper. Normally I can eat pretty darn healthy all day and then I will be a little more relax about dinner, but Thursday I just ate like crap ALL day. I did go to the gym but I once again I was feeling lazy and I spent my whole time on the elliptical machine. Not the best work out. 

But today I got up early and went to my group power and I feel much better about today. I love that class and when I go at the butt crack of dawn I feel like I achieve something. That is good thing to feel at 5:30 in the morning. 
 This is my group power set up. 

I also had a yummy breakfast, Ezekiel English muffin with peanut butter and sliced banana. I felt more awake and energized this morning. Normally I just have a banana because that is the only thing that sounds good at 4:45 in the morning. But then I found these English muffins at the store and thought I would give them a try and honestly they are freaking good. I toast them and then put peanut butter on it with about a half of a banana. It is quick and yummy. When I would just have a banana before I would getting a little light headed after my workout, I thought it was because I didn't have enough water before my workout but it turns out I needed more in my tummy. 

This is another one of my favorites right now. I am not a hummus person, but this stuff is yummy. And I am digging carrots right now, so this is a perfect snack for me.  This is much better than this
I told you I ate like crap on Thursday. This is some place where I am completely honest about my diet/bad habits. As you can probably tell, I struggle with a healthy diet, but I am working on it. Some days are better than others. With that said, what do you all think of cleanses? I am seriously thinking of doing the 10 day cleanse from Advocare. Have any of you done one and if so, what did you think of it?? 

Well that is all I got for you today. I hope you all have a great weekend! 
This is from my date with R the other day. One of the best dates I have had lately. Shhhhh don't tell Jed. ;) lol

Thursday, November 7, 2013

This week so far

So Monday thru Wednesday I got my lazy but out of bed at 4:30 and I went to the gym. I went to group power on Monday, Tuesday I did a cycle class (similar to a spin class) and yesterday I did my own thing. Yesterday's workout was a combination of Cardio and lifting weights. But I am freaking sore today from all of this activity. So this morning I decided to take it easy and sleep in. And my body is happy for it. I know I needed the extra sleep and time off. Monday night I couldn't fall asleep and I know I didn't fall asleep before 11:00 and Tuesday night was a little better, but not by much, I think I was asleep by 10:00ish. So waking up at 4:30 has been a challenge, but I think I am adjusting to it. 

Tomorrow I will be back at. I will take the group power class again. And I am hoping that sometime this weekend I can make time to either run or get back to the gym. 

Ugh, I hate seeing that 4!!!

As for the eating. Well it is going better too. I have been eating most "clean", but 
Last night I was tired and hungry and ended up eating tater tot casserole, it was freaking good. And then I had a glass of wine too. But over all my eating is much better!!! 

What I had for lunch yesterday and I promise I didn't have any of this
People from work are bringing in their left over Halloween candy! Darn you people!!

And this is where I am blogging from today. It is freaking beautiful outside!!! And I love all the colors of fall, this fall has been so pretty! 

Happy Thursday, I hope your week is going as well as mine!! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

A new chapter and a new challenge

Okay so I have been gone for a while now. Sorry about that. While being laid off, I was taking care of R and looking for a job. It was becoming stressful tryst all that and blog at the same time so I stopped. But THANKFULLY I am working now. I got a new job (actually at a place I worked before but a different position). I have mentioned this before, I thrive on routine and while I was laid off, I found it really hard to fit blogging into my routine. I am hoping that I can blog over my lunch hour. And let me tell you how much I appreciate a lunch hour now. When you are a stay at home mom, you don't get a lunch hour. You get nap time and that time is used to do laundry or clean up from lunch. It is just different. I would also like to say that my appreciation for stay at home moms has increased immensely. I never realized how hard it is until I did it. It wasn't that I didn't appreciate them before, I just never truly understood all their hardships and sacrifices. Don't get me wrong, I love R and I love spending time with R, but I also felt a lot more stressed out when I was home with him. I also took everything he did so personal, for example, if he got bossy at the library I felt like I was raising a bossy kid. It was no ones fault but my own. That isn't true, but that is way I felt. Also, R missed his friends at daycare and now he looks forward to seeing them. He still misses his mom, but I know that he is still growing and learning valuable things at daycare. This just works best for MY family. With that said, it was still hard to go back to work and not have R with me. He became a part of me and I felt like I was leaving a part of me at home. It was like he became an extra arm or leg. He was just part of me and I got use to having him around, at all times. Lol but we are adjusting well I think.

So last week I took the time to get acquainted with my job and new routine, but I decided this week I was going to concentrate on my new goal. I want to lose 15-20 pounds before 1/1/2014. I weigh 170 now and I would really like to end the year with a lower number on that scale. So this morning I hit the gym bright and early. My arms are freaking sore, but it is a good sore. I know I did something this morning and it was worth getting up that early.

The other thing I am focusing on this week is cleaning up my eating, I have gotten lazy with my eating and I need to clean it up. I feel really focused right now and I hope it lasts.

I know that my weight hasn't gone up that much, I think at my lowest I was 167ish, but I have lost a lot of my muscle and I miss my muscles. I miss how my clothes used to fit. And I miss how confident I was feeling.

So that is what i have been up to lately. How about you guys? Do you have any goals set for the holidays? Oh did I mention my birthday is at the end of the month which might be another reason to get my butt in shape. Plus there are some things I want to achieve in 2014 and losing the weight will help.

I am running out of time. So I will leave ya with some pics. Have a good week folks!




So as you can see we were busy. I do miss spending the day with that little guy, but I know that he is still having fun and enjoying his time with his friends. Plus I get a HUGE hug whenever I pick him up from day care and he never really hugged me like that when I was stayng home with him.