Monday, April 29, 2013

HELLO!!!! IT IS A BEAUTIFUL MONDAY!!! Oh you aren't having a wonderful Monday, Crap, I am sorry.  But to be honest I am having a stellar Monday, why you ask?? Because I am still on a super high from my Warrior Dash on Saturday.  Seriously people I had soooooo much fun.
This is what I looked like before the Dash, I was stupid nervous at this point. 

Okay let me start at the beginning. Friday night started out okay, I played 2 games of softball.  We lost the first game and won the second one. My heart wasn't in it. I am not really sure why, but I just felt blah. But anyways I played and then immediately I headed home after the game and started to pack for my weekend in Kansas City. This is when the nerves started to kick in. And to be completely honest I wasn't worried about the Dash, I was worried about getting to my meeting point in time to hook up with my friend Caite. We decided to meet at 8:30 in a town outside of KC. Well that is about a 3 hour trip for me and I was super scared I wouldn't hear my alarm clock and be late. I got about 3-4 hours of sleep that night, I was so nervous about making it there in time. BTW I was 15 minutes early. LOL This pic was taken while I was waiting for Caite and I was finally getting nervous about the actual Dash. 

So Caite met up with me and we drove the rest of the way together (because parking was $10 per vehicle, carpool people!!). Once we got there we both started to get nervous, oh did I mention that it was only 48 degrees outside too! So we were cold as well. We park and walk our butts the mile (it probably wasn't that far away, but it felt like it) to the Dash. As we get closer my heart started to beat faster and faster. We check in and we checked our bags in (which was good because I was worried someone would steal my phone while we were running) and we got ready!!! 
Pre-Dash pic. I was trying to be tough, but I started laughing mid pic!! LOL yeah I am a goof ball. 

We got all of this done at 9:45ish.  We wanted to run at 10:00 so we got ourselves pumped and walked to the starting line. It was crazy and my nerves were at an all time high. Plus it was freaking cold. By the time we got up there it was time to go. And we were off!!! :)

IT WAS AWESOME PEOPLE!! I had so much fun. It was cold and I wasn't in the best shape of my life, but it was still so much fun. I will say that Caite and I ran the whole thing and we did EVERY obstacle. Honestly the hardest part was the first part, the running.  I think we ran 3/4 a mile or so before we got to the first obstacle.  I was so nervous about the obstacles that I was pretty tired by the time I got to the first one!! But I didn't walk. Once the obstacles started it was all downhill from there. It was so much fun people, I can't tell you that enough. I even got my fat butt over the wall BY MYSELF!! Okay the wall wasn't very high, maybe 3 feet tall or 3.5 feet. I don't know but I made it. 

So what is my advice for future Dashers. Well let me make you a list :)
1. HAVE FUN!! Don't take it serious, just go and enjoy everything/everyone around you. 
2. Take a friend/team. I couldn't have ask for a better Dash partner.  We ran at the same pace and push each other through the obstacles 
3. Don't take a bag that you don't want to get dirty.  Even in the waiting area it was stupid muddy (it had been raining the day before and all that morning, so other Dashes may not be so muddy, but I am guessing that it is).
4. YOU CAN RACE IN ANY WAVE!! There is no one checking your wave time once you get in line. Go at any time, if you really wanted to you could do it more than once!! :)
5. Make sure you get there at least an hour before the wave you want to run in. It takes time to check in and get your crap together. 
6. Enjoy your time after the Dash.  If I could do it again, I wouldn't try to do anything after the Dash.  The place was so much fun you don't need to schedule anything afterwards. 
7. Wear shoes you want to throw away.  We donated ours after we ran. They were asking for them and I am not 100% what they did with them.  They were going to grind them up and use them for something. Either way, you don't want to wear those shoes again any ways. 
8. Bring another set of clothing to change into.  This was a GREAT idea.  We changed after we took pictures and enjoyed our food and beer in nice warm clothing. 

That is about all I have for you.  If you get the chance to do a Warrior Dash please take the opportunity.  I don't care if you are out of shape, just do it! You can walk if you want and go around obstacles if you find them too difficult, but if you take your time I think all the obstacles are do-able for everyone. I am so glad I did this race and I am so glad Caite did it with me. THANK YOU CAITE!! Also, I told Caite she could pick the next event we do together because I picked the last 2, I will keep my word!! Whatever she picks, I will be there!! 

That is all I got for you folks.  Tomorrow or Wednesday I will chat about the baseball game. WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND!! I mean I can't even fit it all in one post!! :) HAVE A GOOD WEEK EVERYONE!

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