Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Craziness and Kindness

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone for all the kind words you shared with me yesterday. Abby was an amazing person and I am sure she is an amazing angel. I thought about writing about my angel babies today, but it isn't the day for that. I will know when the day is right for that post just like I did with Abby's post. Yesterday I had 121 views and normally I have about 30-40 views, so thank you for reading.  I was pretty surprised when I saw that number, that is CRAZY!! And the kindness comes from the nice things you gals/guys said. I do want to add that I know I left out some people that surrounded Abby during her year of cancer and I am sorry for that.  All I can say is that Abby had some AMAZING friends and family. The strength that I witnessed was incredible. You all were incredible!!!

Today is going to be much lighter than yesterday so put away the tissues. I will admit that I used a few yesterday, all your comments really touched my heart. But enough of that, the sun is shining and Abby wants us to be happy, so that is what this post will be about.

Did I mention that I have this, this weekend.
Yeah this is the weekend I participate in my first Warrior Dash, I say first because I have a feeling I will be doing more :) Am I ready?? Ummm probably not.  Am I scared?? A little. Am I excited? Heck yeah! Who is participating with me? My awesome friend Caite, she ran with me in the 5K earlier this month. She is truly awesome!!! Am I going to stress out about this as much as the 5K? Um no. Why? Well because I was so darn nervous about the 5K that it took away from some of the excitement of the day and I don't want to do that with this. I am looking forward to getting muddy and making a fool out of myself.

I also have this to look forward to afterwards:
Yeah baby!! I heart beer! I honestly do. Not only will I get to have some much deserved beer with my friend Caite, but then after we depart the Warrior Dash area, I will be heading to this awesome place:
I get to go to a Royal's game after the Dash.  I am so excited!!! I have never been to a Royal's game before and each year I say that I am going to go, but it doesn't happen.  Well NOT this year suckers, I am freaking going!! And I am going with some awesome people as well.  So I am over the moon about this weekend. The only down fall of this weekend is that baby R and Jed won't be there, but they need some father-son bonding time and momma needs this weekend to be ME! The things I have planned this weekend are things that JESSICA likes to do.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to go to the Sand dunes, but that is something I got into because of Jed.  Sports and playing in the mud is something I have always like to do, so it will be nice to do these things again and not worry about Jed being bored. Plus this way I can go to a game and see if it is something that Jed might like. I am hoping this is something we can do down the road as well. I am just so excited to get there.  Does anyone know where to find a Royals shirt in Salina?? I don't own one and I am thinking it is about time I got one.

Well folks, that is all I have for you today.  I hope the sun is shining in your direction because I know it feels pretty darn good in our neck of the woods. Once again thank you for all the beautiful comments you made; it  warms my soul to know you all care that much!!

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