Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New gym and classes

Well it is Wednesday (read using Eeyore's voice). Yeah I am effing tired today. And I am freaking sore. I tried a new gym out yesterday.  It is a little nicer than the one I am currently using, but the real reason I wanted to try it out was because of the classes. They are a little different than the ones at the current gym I am at and I thought I would give them a try.  The first class I tried was Group Power and it is a lifting class. In this class you use a bar bell for all the lifting.
Let me first say, I have NEVER used one of these.  I have thought about it, but only recently. And I am going to be COMPLETELY honest with you, I thought I would go into this class and dominate it!! Yep, I thought I would kick it's ass. Why?? Because I'm freaking doing P90X!! I thought I would be a stud and walk away thinking, that's it?? Well folks, I WAS WRONG!! That class kicked my fat booty! UGGGG! So that is why I am sore today.  I know this is a good thing, but man I am getting a little sick of being sore all the time.  When we will I be in good shape and NOT be sore?? Probably never! And yeah I know it is a good thing.

So what did I think of the gym?? I liked it. It is nice and seems clean. The instructor was super nice and helpful. Some of the women looked at me a little goofy when I walked in, but nothing I couldn't handle. I think it was mostly because I was going to hold up the class for like 2 minutes and that pissed them off. SORRY ladies, but I didn't know what the hell I was doing and what equipment I would need. Oh I shouldn't say it was just ladies, there were some men in there as well. But back to the gym itself, it was nice and offered things I haven't experienced before.  The lockers all come with a lock and you set the password to it so there is no need to bring your own lock. There is lotion, soap, and deodorant available for people like me who forget to bring it (I think they look down on stinky people!!LOL). Today I am hoping to try out their treadmills (since we are having a winter storm outside BOO!!) and some of their other machines. I only have 3 days of a free trial so I want to try a little of everything. Jed was trying to tell me to take a rest day today since I was so sore, but ain't nobody got time for that.

But I seriously don't have time for that because I only have 3 days to see if I really like this particular gym.

Oh on a different but similar note, people are always saying they hate going to gym because they think people are staring at them. Well let me tell you this, THEY DON'T CARE WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Get over it. Everyone there is there for one reason, to get their butt in shape or to keep their butt in shape. Yeah I know it can be intimidating, but it really shouldn't be. I know there are good looking people there and skinny people there, but most of them weren't always skinny. And to be completely honest, DO YOU REALLY CARE WHAT THEY THINK OF YOU?? Wouldn't you rather be one of the fat people turned skinny than care about what some skinny bitch thinks of you.  Honestly, I don't care what ANYONE at the gym thinks of me.  You know what I care about?? I care that my husband can tell that I am losing weight! I care that my pants are getting bigger. I care about my health improving!! So for all you judging skinnies out there, I don't CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF ME!!

Now that I have that out of my system I can say that I am looking forward to going to the gym this afternoon. I like trying new things and I like the fact that I don't care what people think of me at the gym. In fact I use those wondering eyes to my advantage.  I don't want to look completely wimpy so it pushing me to give it my all.  Like yesterday, I didn't want to look like a wimp in front of all the ladies and gents in the class so I made sure I did all my reps even when I felt like giving up. Rep, who would have thought I would use that word!! LOL Have I mentioned lately that I love my life? Well I do.  I know I was having a crummy day last week, but I just got to thinking that I really love the fact that I am getting out there and doing the things that I have always wanted to do.  I ran a 5K, I am still doing P90X, trying new gyms, taking new classes.  Man who am I?? So even if I am tired today; I feel pretty freaking good about myself. Another benefit to working out - Confidence. I was really lacking in confidence 6 months ago, so to see myself getting more and more confident is nice.

Here is a pic of what I bring with me every morning. 
That doesn't even include my purse.  In the Wal-mart bag is my lunch, classy I know!!
This was my breakfast this morning:

Well that is all I got for ya today folks. Oh by the way, thanks for all the b-day gift ideas. I have a few ideas of what I want to get my nephew now. THANKS!!


  1. Jessica...I joined a new gym yesterday too!!! :) I did the stationary bike for 20 minutes, then the elliptical for 15 minutes (1.25 miles). I took it easy. No sweat, just movement. It felt SO GOOD to be back in a gym, so I can totally relate to how you're feeling--it really is motivating and good for the self-esteem/confidence to be active.

    Enjoy Day #2 at the gym today, but do keep Jed's advice in mind...don't overdo it (remember those shin splints...)!

    Race season is here, but we'll have to stop by on a week night and see you guys! Seems like it's been awhile again.

    1. Good for you Kayla. I was really glad I went for my walks before I had R. I wish I had done more though. So I am super happy for you!! Keep up the good work! Just don't over do it!! Good advice for both of us :)

      Stop by anytime, we loving chit chatting with you guys!!