Monday, April 15, 2013

Okay I have the Monday blahs.  Once again the weekend came and went.  I had every intention of eating healthy this weekend even with a birthday party on Saturday, but instead I ate whatever I wanted. It really wasn't that bad to be honest.  I had a hamburger, potato salad and a little bit of cheese dip and to finish it all with some birthday cake. But I also drank some wine so it wasn't all that awesome, plus I didn't run at all this weekend which I NEEDED TO.  I have that stinking warrior dash on April 27th.
I have been debating on whether or not to do this sucker. As of yesterday afternoon I really thought about transferring my money to another event.  I running another warrior dash in August in Colorado so I could transfer the money to that event, no big deal.  But I kind of feel like a loser for doing that. This morning I gave it more thought and I think I am just going to do it. I have two friends who are going with other groups that I can run with.  I have time to think about it.  Regardless I need to get my butt on a treadmill this week. This coming weekend we will be at the sand dunes, but I need to take my running gear so I can get a run in as well.  This is one reason I like the app on my phone because I feel like I can run anywhere and get an accurate reading as to how far I ran.

Speaking of running, my friend ran her second half marathon this weekend and she beat her previous time by 6 minutes. That is freaking awesome. She also got 3 in her age range I believe. WAY TO GO DARCY!! I am so proud of her. She is a working mother to a teenager and still has time to run a freaking half marathon. And let me tell you, her teenager is VERY active in baseball and they are barely home on the weekends, so how she has time to run is beyond me. But she is an inspiration.  I can't say that I will run a half marathon, but I am hoping to run further distances in my future :) Plus I have that stinking Tough Mudder to train for which I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO RUN 8 MILES!! I might as well run a half marathon!

I talked to my husband this weekend and I am going to join the new gym, (insert a happy dance by Jordan). Okay I will be doing a happy dance too.  So I think I will try to run by there this afternoon and get that done. I am pretty excited about it. I really like that gym plus it will be nice to go where most of my friends go too. I am telling you, I need the gal time right now.  Boys are driving me crazy, I miss my girlfriends!!

Oh I almost forgot. I want to get my blog pimped by Hubby Jack. He is freaking hilarious (totally makes fun of women's blogs about fitness, but I can't get enough of it!!) and I read his blog every day. But if you vote for me on his blog then I can get my blog pimped for FREE!!! Who doesn't like free??? If you click on his button below it should take you to his blog and his rules for voting for me. All you have to do is follow his blog and vote for me in his comments. Seriously ladies and gents he is funny, I follow him on instagram too and he puts pictures on there that make fun of other people's photos from instagram or blog.  He is sorta like Saturday night live in blog form! It is hard to explain Hubby Jack. At the very least go vote for me and read some of his posts.


Well that is all I have for this boring Monday. Maybe it is the weather, but it just feels like a blah Monday. Maybe it is because I am excited about our trip to the Sand Dunes this weekend. I am so ready for a little break from KS, plus playing in the sand is sooooo much fun. Sand therapy is calling my name!!

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