Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weigh in, P90X, and a birthday shout out!

Hello blog readers. Well it is weigh in day and everyone is anxiously on the edge of their chair wondering if I lost any weight! Right?!?! Okay I realize you guys don't care that much, I am not that conceded. But with that said, Wednesday's are when I get most of you to read my blog. So maybe I should milk this for everything I can. HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...............

Nah, that is boring. So this morning I weighed myself and I am at a whopping 175.2 lbs. So I lost a little more than half a pound.  Not horrible and not great either.  But I have NO ONE to blame but myself.  You guys I didn't eat that great this last week and weekend. And I missed a bunch of workouts. I can't blame that on anyone but myself.  But this is where the whole I am human and I am Jessica comes into play. I am not going to turn into a health nut over night, it just doesn't happen like that.  I want this to be a life long change and to be honest if I tried to do it over night then it just wouldn't happen, PERIOD. So I will take my .6 of a pound and be glad I didn't gain any weight. While being snowed in, I will be honest and say I didn't eat like I should have.  I didn't eat horrible, but my biggest problem was that I didn't eat my little healthy snacks during the day like I do when I am at work. I like routine, especially when it comes to eating and exercising.  You take me out of that routine and I seem to fall apart. Now if I can plan ahead of time, like if I know I am going out on Saturday night then I can plan ahead and make sure I don't eat like crap all day and then eat something supper fatty for dinner. And I can make sure I do P90X when R is taking a nap.  But this stupid snow just threw everything for a loop and I couldn't keep up. Or to be honest with you and myself, I wanted to sit by the fire and be lazy! Not the snow's fault. I just lost my motivation for a while, but I am back.  THANK YOU BLOG FOR FORCING ME TO GET MY BUTT BACK ON THE WAGON!!

So I told you that I would tell you what P90X is like. Well lets put it this way, it sucks and is great all at the same time.  I also the love the more you do the discs the more you can push yourself. And Tony is a good motivator. He can be annoying and I have cursed at him from time to time (okay EVERY disc), but it seems like he knows exactly when to say, "make sure you keep your legs straight!" or "Keep your elbows close to your body, if you can't do it now fight over time to keep it close."  That is the GREAT thing about Tony, he knows that most of us can't do this stuff. Or at least we can't at the beginning.  Over time you can do the things he is doing and that is the beautiful thing about it.  You truly see yourself changing each week.  The first week or so you are just trying to get through the discs. You probably won't be able to do all the push ups that they are doing or near as many pull ups that they do, but seriously look at the people on the disc.  Do they look like you?? NO!!! LOL, well I know I don't look like those people.
Do you look like this?? Well I know this is Tony and he is guy so the obvious answer is no, but just look at those muscles.  I have approximately 1/25 of the muscle he has, maybe less. So with that said, I am not going to be able to do all the sets that he does, but over time I will. That is what you have to remember at the beginning of those discs. The people in the video are sweating like crazy and if they are working hard then you know that you will be working hard too. And over time you will be able to do more push ups and more pull ups, but the key is to TRY. We have to do military push ups in week 5 and let me tell you they are HARD and I can't even do one full push-up, but each time I try and each time I get a little lower. That is progress. By the end of P90X I am sure I will be able to do at least one full military push-up and do you know how awesome that will be?? And let me remind you that I am not an upper body girl, all my strength is my legs.  So the fact that I even am excited about doing a military push up is AWESOME. So if this chunky girl can get her chunky butt off the couch and do P90X then ANYONE can.  If you want further proof then go to beachbody's website and look at some of the people doing their programs.  And remember cursing at Tony helps!! :) But over time you will be come to appreciate him and then hate him again. Oh let me add that I am NOT a beachbody consultant, but if you want a # for one, I know a great lady that will help you.

Goal this week: To get my butt back on schedule.  I am finally feeling better and have the energy that I have been lacking the last few days! UGGGGG I HATE BEING SICK! I tried doing P90X last night and I only got 3/4 through the work out and I felt like a failure. Plus that is the one I NEED to do.  It was the shoulder and Triceps workout. After looking back at last night I don't feel so bad, at least I got up and did part of that workout.  I wasn't feeling good and I still did part of P90X. Not bad, but I am hoping tonight goes MUCH better. I also need to get on a treadmill again.  My first race is quickly approaching and I need run 2 miles outside before I run that stinking race. SO MUCH TO DO and such little time! By the way, my goal for that race is not to win, but to complete the darn thing.  Did I mention that I have NEVER ran a 5K race. So I just want to get my feet wet in this whole racing business and see how the heck I do. Who knows, it may be for the birds and I may say adios racing. I am hoping it isn't the case, but I will never know until I run a race.

See you all on Friday. I hope the rest of the week goes well for everyone and we have NO MORE snow. Our roads (country roads near my house) can't take anymore of this white stuff.

I am going to leave you with a picture of my hubby, R, and My DAD! It is his birthday tomorrow and this girl couldn't ask for a better dad. I LOVE YOU DAD!!

This is at the Little Sahara (sand dunes) in Oklahoma in our Rhino. I love this picture. Thank you Kayla Kvacik for taking it!! My 3 favorite guys!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!


  1. First of all, your welcome for the pic. :) And wish your dad a Happy Birthday from Matt and I.

    Secondly, congrats on the weight loss!! A pound a week is healthy weight loss, and you weren't too far off from that. And given the week/weekend you had, you're right to be happy and feel good with that weight loss. YAY, weight loss!! :)

    Thirdly, I think you're going to love the 5Ks. I could be wrong, but we're too similar for me to think otherwise. And the only two 5Ks I've ever done, I've finished in the bottom 50%, and still loved 'em. It's just so motivating being surrounded by such a diverse group of runners!!

    And lastly, I love that you curse at Tony. When I was doing the Biggest Loser workout DVDs, I always cursed Bob!!! I would have yelled at him if I had the energy or lung capacity to do so. LOL.

    Have a great, healthy, productive week!

  2. Thanks for all the great encouragement Kayla! I think I will like the 5K's too. My dad use to run in them and we are just too similar!!

    I found that cursing at Tony helps :) and yes sometimes I don't have the lung capacity, but it seems like I at least have a breathe to say one word!! LOL

    I am glad to be losing and NOT gaining! I hope it is all down hill from here. Yeah right, I know it won't be. But to see the scale go down feels good!