Friday, February 1, 2013


It is Friday!! Thank goodness!! Do you have any big plans for the weekend?? I am going to see my parents tonight :) and then My sister is going to be here for most of the weekend :) So what does that mean for working out.  Well tonight I have volleyball so I will take a break from P90X and I'm hoping on Saturday I will make time to workout with or without P90X.  I hope my sister is bringing her work out clothes!! I do have to say that I have done P90X from Sunday thru Thursday.  I am pretty proud of myself, normally by Thursday I'm tired and need a break.  Not this week, I totally rocked Thursday's workout!!

Have you ever asked a former long time smoker "how did you quit?" and their answer is "I finally just said I'm done!" Well I thinking I'm getting to that point with my body.  I'm done being this unhealthy.  I may not lose all the weight that I want do, but I want to be healthier and I want to feel more comfortable in my own skin.  I'm getting more comfortable and confident, but I want MORE!! I think that is the difference this time, I want MORE! We are on week 3 of P90x and I find myself wanting more.  I think I might start some cardio next week.  There is a small part of me that wants to run a 5K and eventually a half marathon.  I might be stupid for doing both at one time, but I really think if I take my 5K training slow, then I can do both and be able to run this spring or early summer. I'm not trying to do it over night, but I think if I pace myself I can get it done. Does anyone know of any good races coming up April or May?

I also have been thinking of taking a daily vitamin (yes I am 31 years old and don't take vitamins). Does anyone have any suggestions?  I also need to start eating a healthier dinner, any suggestions on yummy recipes for a healthy dinner that my WHOLE family will eat?

Well I think I am leaving you with a lot to think about! Seriously any help on Vitamins, races, and recipes I would gladly accept.

Also I want to add, that if you ever thought about doing P90X and didn't think you could do it, that is a LIE!! If I can do this then anyone can.  Take your time and do one workout at a time.  I promise you can do it!! I am not an expert on P90X, but I know the hardest part so far was the first week.  If you can get past that then you can totally rock P90X.  If you are just starting please know that it will get better. 

Well that is all for this Friday.  I will post something on Sunday and let you know how well or bad I did this weekend. I think the key to this weekend is to eat HEALTHY! That seems like a big task, but I can do it! Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Biscuit!!!!! First of all let me say that I am SO proud of you! I'm running a 10K in Manhattan on March 16th and a Half in Abilene on April 13th. Feel free to do either with me! Just kidding! Starting slow is key. Here's a website for all races in Kansas:

    As for the vitamin....don't feel bad, I just started taking one too. I didn't know what to take so I just settled on the One a Day Women's. There's wayyyy too many options out there and this seemed to be a fairly common one.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend! MISS YA!

  2. Thanks Jen Joy! I will have to check out that website and see what I can do. I think March 16th, might be a little too soon, but who knows. I might surprise myself. I thought about Women's One A Day too. If I don't any more suggestions that is probably the one I will get too :)

    Miss ya too!! Have a good weekend.