Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 This is a pic. From the front.  Please don't judge my crappy mirror or curtains.  I am hoping to start working on my bedroom this spring, so hopefully they won't be around for long!!

 Pic from the side view. Attractive, right?!?! Just look at the mid section, it might be a little thick! But I'm a work in progress! It will get there.
 I figured I would let you know what I look like on a regular basis. This is what I look like to the public, I don't go out in my shorts and tank top.  This is a little bit more appropriate.
 Here is another one from the side.
Okay this one is my favorite.  I put my hand on my tummy because I seriously look like I'm any where between 3-5 months pregnant!! I just thought it was a funny picture.  Like I said before I realize that I am working on all of this so it really doesn't bother me. I might as well have a few chuckles along the way!! Also this photos were done using my phone, I am hoping down the road I can get better at this and take some better photos.  Sorry about the quality of them, I will get better with time.


  1. Jessica, you look fine to the rest of us. Of course, it's important that you feel comfortable with yourself. I understand that all too well. Good luck!

  2. Thank you Jeannine! These pictures actually didn't look that bad to me either until I started REALLY looking at them. You know what I mean, you find all the flaws and then you can't stop looking at them. Why do we do that? I probably won't take Pictures every week, maybe every other week. We will see. I need to break out my nice camera and take pictures with that. Or have Jed help me :)