Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello there

I am new to the blogging world so please be patient with me. 

Since I entered into my 20's my weight has been on my mind and slowly going up.  I have tried a lot of things, but I have never taken pills or starved myself and I'm not about to begin either so if you are on here for that then you have found the wrong blog. I thought if I started a Blog dealing with my weight and letting the world know where I am with this Journey then I might actually do a better job at sticking to a Healthier life style. This is actually pretty big stuff for me since I like to keep my weight and my concerns about my weight to myself. So if you are negative please stay away as well.

My story:
In high school I weighed around 120 lbs and felt okay about my body.  I have never been one to feel comfortable in a bikini or working out in short shorts and a bra, not my style. Give me a t-shirt and gym shorts and I feel a million times better. So even when I was slim I never felt AWESOME about my body. Where did that come from?  I have NO idea. I don't really care either, I just know that my attitude about my body needs to change.

So when did I start to gain weight? Well like most people in college. And it was a gradual thing. It wasn't like one day I woke up and I had gained 50-60 pounds.  It would be a pound here and there and some years were better than others, but I know I gained weight each and every year.  Let me also add that I met my husband in high school, so he saw me at my best point and now he still loves, but he just has a much chubbier version of me. When I was in high school I was active in sports, but I also ate what ever I wanted. If I wanted McDonald's I never thought twice about it. So as I became less active it never dawned on me to stop eating all the junk too.  Plus in college you have to add all the calories from alcohol too that I wasn't consuming in high school. So I was increasing my calorie intake and less active, great path for success, NOT!

So where am I now. FAT!!! Let's be honest here. I am not the fattest person on earth, but I'm not a healthy weight either.  I have put my height and weight in a BMI calculator and it says I'm over weight, which means, I am fat!! I'm okay with this, well not okay with being fat, but I'm okay with admitting it. I guess. But I think I need to admit this because if I don't, I will just keep telling myself I have a few pounds to lose.  I have more than a few pounds to lose.

So here I am weighing.................................................................................................
177 pounds. There is it. I told you all. This is a huge moment because I don't even let my husband see that number on the scale.  But there it is, the ugly truth.

So what do I plan to do from here?  Well to be honest my plan is to lose weight :) Well duh! LOL How am I going to lose weight you are asking. This week I started P90X and I have been taking Body by Vi shakes. So I am hoping that I can start eating better and excercise my way to my weight goal. Which is what? My BIG HUGE goal is to weigh 130 pounds. That is a 47 pound weight loss. Breath Jessica, I can DO THIS!!! What are my mini goals? My first one is 10 pounds.   I have never been able to lose more than 10 pounds at a time. So if I can get past that dreaded double digit number I think I can continue to lose weight. What do I need?  I need support!! Where am I going to get this support?  My husband, my family, and friends.  AND YOU!!!

If you are on the same road as me then please follow this blog and comment.  If something is working for you, please share it. If you have a weight loss story PLEASE feel free to share it. I could use all the help in the world here! It is GO time people. No more looking back. I only see a bright and slimmer future for me.

I will post some pictures in the near future and I hope at some time I will have the AWESOME pleasure of posting before and after pictures.  That is really what people like to see any ways. :) I know I LOVE them.  Also as an FYI I love explamation marks and capitalizing letters, can you tell?? So if this bothers you, you probably shouldn't follow my blog. Sorry. Also my grammar is horrible and I'm not the best speller. Once again if these things really bug you, then bear with me or jump to someone elses page. My hope for this blog is to help make myself accountable for my weight loss and gain, but I am also hoping that I am not the only one out there battling this. So I hope I can find some support out there. I will help you if you will help me. If I find a recipe that I like I will share it or I find a work out that I enjoy doing then I will share it. (BTW, I don't enjoy P90X, but it is kicking my butt and I think I needed that challenge). Feel free share your tips and recipes too!

So there you have it, my first post on my blog. Here is to me lossing weight and anyone else who wants to join me on this journey. Thanks for stopping by. Be nice to yourself, you deserve to be happy!


  1. Love it Jess!!! Your blog motivates me even more to want to get in better shape :) I believe in ya and I know you can do's going to be tough but your tougher! ♥ ya!

  2. Good luck, Jessica! I've never thought of you as being overweight--you always look so adorable! You can do it! Kiss those 47 pounds goodbye!

  3. Jessica...I am so proud of you! You can do this!! I will be following and supporting you! You are an inspiration to me!!

  4. Thank you so much for the comments. You gals brought me to tears. I was so NERVOUS to hit the post button and then to hit the FB share button. I never thought I would be doing this, but I am so glad I am now. THANK YOU!! I have some of the best friends/family out there.

  5. You go girl, I have no doubt you will be successful!

  6. I am with you girl. I was the same in high school! You can do this!

  7. Friend, YOU ROCK! There's so much power in voicing our struggles - for ourselves and the people hearing them. You can do this. I believe in you.

  8. Jessica, I'm so impressed by your courage to put it all out there. You know that I'm behind you 100% and that I'm joining you on the journey. You can do it!

  9. Good luck to you lady!!! Rooting for you :)

  10. GREAT post! I'll do whatever I can to encourage you along the way!! You'll be in great shape and have tons of ideas to kick me into shape the end of the year, right!?!? Praying for you and proud of you for starting this blog! I look forward to following your weight loss journey.

  11. Wow...I just found your journal and love your honesty and attitude!! I previously lost 60lbs but again have the battle of maintaining the loss.