Monday, January 28, 2013

Do you do better on the weekends?

Do you eat and workout better on the weekends or do you do better during the week days? I personally seem to do better on the week days.  I don't have snacks at work so if I don't bring them to work then there isn't anything at work for me to munch on and I also do better about drinking water at work.  The one thing that is better about weekends is that I am moving a lot more.  At work I sit at a desk a lot of the time so I'm not doing a lot of moving.  At home I am constantly moving around.

This weekend was a different weekend.  R (my son) ended up getting sick this weekend.  He had a fever Friday night that didn't break until Sunday morning.  He has had a cough since Thursday and it just got worse over the weekend.  I don't know about you, but I hate when my little guy is sick.  He looked so pathetic and didn't move much which is VERY uncommon for that guy.  Normally he is moving constantly and I have a hard time keeping up with him.  So this weekend I didn't move around as much.  For not moving much, it was still a busy weekend. I had a bridal shower in Hays and a friend from Wichita stayed with us Saturday evening. So this meant very little sleep on Saturday night due to us being up late with our friends and then getting up early because R decided he wanted to be up by 6:00 and was feeling better so he thought he needed to play and run around :) So needless to say I was a tired girl on Sunday. I was proud of myself though because during nap time I decided to NOT take a nap and clean instead.  But that bed was calling me the whole time I was up and moving. That night we also did P90X.  Have you ever done P90X?  It isn't easy doing tired, but we managed to get it done.

Do you dread the scale?  I am! I told you I would post every Wednesday what my scale says on Wednesday morning and well Wednesday morning will be here before you know it! Feel free to add your weight too! We can all report in on Wednesday morning! Okay maybe I'm just trying to take the pressure off of me. The pressure is a good thing though, it is motivating me more than I thought it would.  I feel like I need to really kick it into high gear the next couple of days because I will be stepping on that scale again on Wednesday.  Do you celebrate a good weigh in?  If so, how?  How to handle a bad weigh in? I look like a little 2 year old when I have a bad weigh in; I throw the biggest temper tantrum.  I literally stomp my feet on the ground and make a fist with my hand.  It is embarrassing, but it is the only way I can get mad for a few seconds and then let it go. It is what it is.  I can't take back those day and redo them. So what is the point in fretting about them all day long.  So I let myself throw my tantrums and then I move forward.  Please tell me I am not the only one doing this?? The things I am telling you on this blog.  But once again I hope I am helping someone out there, along with myself.

I also did NOT get my picture taking this weekend.  I think I am dreading that more than the stupid weigh in.  I HATE getting my picture taken.  I have this idea of what I look like and when I see myself in a picture it is ALWAYS worse than I imagine. Do you have the same problem? Or am I just crazy.  My I should see a therapist?? LOL I don't know if can afford one, I would probably be in there every day. Okay enough ranting for one day.  Maybe on Wednesday when i weigh in I will also post a picture. It will be like ripping off a band aid.  I will just do it all at once. 

I hope you all had a GREAT weekend.  If you had a bad weekend just move forward.  Today is Monday and is a great time to hit your restart button.  God knows I am :)


  1. I weigh daily, which is really dumb because of water weight and what not, but apparently I think it's what keeps me accountable for what I ate the last day. Again, stupid logic, as it usually takes a couple days for that Taco Bell to stick and show up on the scale. I allow the stupid number on the scale to affect my day way too much! (I pee, then step on the scale, every morning, routine.)

    So anyway, really my point of all that was to tell you that I think it's great you're only allowing yourself the one weekly weigh-in. And I also think you're temper tantrum that you throw sounds like a good way to deal with it, because I allow the number to make my pants feel too tight all day. Maybe I'll start throwing that one morning temper year. ;)

    As far as your question as to whether I do better over the weekend or on the week days...week days for sure. We eat out a lot more on the weekends since we run so much. And that's normally when I do any partying. I am much better about exercising on the week days, when I have more of a routine schedule.

    I think you're doing great, and so glad to hear R is feeling better!!

  2. Do I do better on weekends or weekdays? I think it's a wash for me. I don't snack as much on the weekends (it can get very hard to resist eating when I'm stuck at my desk stressing out over the code I'm writing), but I, too, do better about drinking water at work. On some weekends, I get in longer, better workouts, but on others, we end up on the go the whole time and I don't fit one in at all. Of course, on weekdays, my workout can fall victim to a long work day. I'm basically all over the place.

    I tend to weigh myself every day, and, much like Kayla, I think it holds me accountable for what I ate. Not that that ever helped in the past. Lately, though, since I've been losing weight, I'm actually excited to see if any more has come off. Because of the whole water weight thing, etc, I don't consider the weight off until it's stuck for a few days and I know I'm pretty well hydrated, but I still keep hoping for a downward trend. Hopefully, Jessica, you'll start to look forward to it, too. BTW, don't feel bad about your mini-tantrums. It sounds like a healthy way to deal with it and move on.

    I totally feel the same way about pictures. I always think I look far fatter in pictures than in the mirror - and I don't like what I see in the mirror to begin with. It doesn't help when people are posting them to facebook, either. ;)

    Ok, I'd like to keep my weight to myself, but I'll post mine on Wednesdays with you.

    Like Kayla says, you're doing great. Hang in there!