Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Drum Roll....................................

Well today is Wednesday and that means................................................................ well nothing to most people. To me it means I get the pleasure of announcing my weight. Yippee (read that sarcastically).  Well here it is, this morning when I weighed myself I weighed a whopping 176. Yep folks that means I only lost 1 little pound.  Am I disappointed?? NOPE!! You would think with all the work I have done this week that I would have lost more, and you are right if it was any other week I would be a little disappointed, but this wasn't just any other week.  BOYS STOP READING IF GIRLIE STUFF GROSSES YOU OUT OR YOU JUST DON'T WANT TO KNOW THIS STUFF!! But this Kansas Girl got her period the afternoon I started this blog. So for me to come away with losing a pound is AWESOME! Plus a pound is a pound. 

When I was a younger gal, getting my period was no big deal.  Yes I was a little crankier than normal, but other than the obvious reason all of us gals hate that time of the month, I didn't really have any other symptoms.  Oh wait, I had the dreaded cramps; now I remember why I hated that time of the month!! But since having R things have changed dramatically. Now I have bloating, I am tired, sometimes I get nauseous, and certain parts of my body extremely hurt (I will give you a hint, they are below my neck, but above my belly button, for now any ways). But the worst part of all of that is the bloating.  I never had that before, I never understood the Midol commercials. Since having R I have come to completely understand what they mean by bloating.  My fingers even get puffy.  Really??? So when I started this blog and shortly afterwards found out Aunt flow had arrived I immediately knew this week was going to be a battle. I stepped on the scale the next day (Thursday) and I believed I had gained about 3-4 pounds!! And yes this is where my tantrum came in. Some of you are saying "You got on the scale? I thought you would weigh in on Wednesdays."  Well you are right, but I needed to know where I stood. I knew I gained weight or should I say I knew I was blowing up like a balloon! I had to know! So normally at the end of my period I walk about with 1-2 pounds to lose.  I work out really hard to lose those pounds and then normally something happens and I stop working out or I stop eating healthy. But this time I am already ahead of the game.  Not only did I lose everything I gained, but I also lost another pound!!! YAY for me. Plus this time I am more motivated to keep going. So I am hoping that in the coming weeks I will have a better weigh in; especially here at the beginning.  I know down the road things will slow down and a pound lost will be great and there will be weeks where I won't lose anything.  So today I will celebrate my one pound loss and look forward to many more coming off!

How did you do this week? Loss or gain? If you gained don't be discouraged it could be your period!! LOL Maybe this week was stressful or you didn't sleep like you should have.  Did you know that sleep can really affect your weight loss?  It can also increase your chances of getting diabetes  Here is an article that I heard on NPR while coming into work one day.  It is something to think about.

Well I hope this wasn't too much information for you all, but I want to be honest with this blog and being a woman is part of it all. Next week I am hoping that I can lose 2 pounds by next week. Oh another thing, I was horrible last night. I had a bad dinner (it was tasty, but high in calories) so I am guessing that didn't help with my weigh in this morning either.  I had a God Awful, a layer of french fries with a fried egg or two on top, followed by chili, then sour cream and finally a layer of shredded cheddar cheese.  NOT HEALTHY folks.  I was just going to have chili and a little bit of Frito's, but my husband decided he had to have God awfuls and they just smelled too good that I went ahead and made myself one too. Not the smartest meal to have before weigh in.  Next week I will know better ;)

Did you guys get any snow?? We got about an inch and it made KS very pretty, but a little dangerous.  So if you are driving around today please be careful!!! Take care and stay warm!! :)


  1. Thanks Teresa!! It was good to see you guys last weekend.

  2. Great attitude, Jessica. And you are doing great! I told you I'd post my weight, so here goes. I weighed this afternoon (I'm sick today so I slept in trying to fight it off) at 137. I've only lost a half pound or so over the last week. I'll take it, though, since I missed a couple workouts through working late and couple through being sick. Even if don't lose more than a pound a week, you should still be proud. It's hard to lose any weight, particularly when your husband is tempting you with tasty, but fatty foods. (I know all about that one.) I also find that I never stick to it if I'm trying to lose too much in a single week. It usually requires really changing my diet and/or a ton of exercise - which usually isn't sustainable for me.

    Anyway, great post and good job!

  3. I wrote a comment back to you last night and it didn't post :( Darn it! Jeannine I'm really proud of you posting your weight, I know that isn't an easy thing to do. I hope you feel better, I know I did after I posted mine. Maybe I am just wierd like that!! Like I said before, A loss is a loss. So good for you!!! I really want to eat better, I want to be one of those people who prefer healthier options and the fatty stuff just doesn't look good any more. I am going to focus on that a little more. I do a weekly meal plan and I hoping next week's menu will look a little healthier :) Good Luck to you next week.

  4. Thanks, Jessica! Same to you. Now I just have to kick this stupid cold so I can exercise. Good luck to you, too!