Wednesday, February 20, 2013

See that little box over there.  It says I lost a pound, but to be exact I lost 1.2 lbs.  That is progress folks! 

I also ran a mile last night in 10 minutes and 31 seconds.  WHOA!!! And my shins seems to be doing pretty good.  They were a little sore afterwards, but not bad.  I was pretty happy with them!! I still think they are the weak part of my running so I need to find a stretch that works best for me.  I tried a couple last night, but I don't think they are stretching the area that is bothering me. But other than that I was pretty darn happy with myself last night.  Then we did another new disc called Biceps and Back for P90X.  Folks I have to say that I am really starting to dig the whole lifting weights aspect of P90X. Yep, the girl who HATED weights is actually starting to enjoy it. Last night's workout was HARD, but fun all at the same time. I am sore today and my muscles are tired, but this is all a good thing.  It means that 5 weeks into this program you are still using new muscles or you are simply pushing yourself. I think it is both.  At different points last night I found myself getting heavier weights. I NEVER thought I would say that. You guys I seriously hated using any kind of weights when it came to my arms, they were so weak and that frustrated me.  I have ALWAYS loved working out my legs because it was easier for me and I could push them harder. I always had a hard time pushing myself to lift what was difficult when it came to my arms. I literally just hated it all! But like I said before; last night was fun. I felt like I achieved something.  It was just an amazing feeling.  But then of course Ab ripperX came on immediately afterwards and that feeling disengrated QUICKLY! Oh ab ripperX you have a way of making all the good things I feel about myself go out the window! I tell you guys, the ab stuff on P90X is no joke and it is getting better, but it seems like it is impossible to be good at that section.  I hope by the end of this journey I have a different outlook on that section.

I also made spaghetti with whole wheat noddles and that was pretty good.  I need to get better at taking pics of my meals, but at supper time this girl is hungry and all I think about is  STUFFING MY FACE!!! I use myfitnesspal app to record all my calories and I just discovered the recipe tab on it and it has been really handy! I will be using that from now on. I have been adding up the calories and dividing it in my head or coming up with an approximate amount of calories in each servings, but the app does all of this for you.  I am impressed with it. Is there any kind of technology that you like to help you work out or eat healthy?? I know some people use mapmyrun app, I think that is what it is called.  Once I start running outside I am going to give it a try. I have also seen people wear a garmin watch and that keeps track of your distance. I don't know much about them, but I have seen them on blogs and instagram photos. What helps you??

Here is a side note or a little advice for people who work out with friends/significant others.  It is incredibly hard to workout when your workout partner rips a HUGE fart.  Luckily it wasn't stinky! But it was during a quiet moment and we were squating over and lifting weights and all of a sudden...............................................BIG OLE FART!!! LOL it was so funny. So this is when working out with people can be a disadvantage, but at the same time it made for a really funny moment. It is still making me laugh now. I hope it makes you laugh too!

I thought I would leave you with my schedule for upcoming races:
March 30th - Salina, KS (Fools night run)
April 13th - Manhattan, KS (March of Dimes run)
May 5th - Wichita, KS (Color me Rad)
May 11th - Hays, KS (Race for a cure - Susan G. Komen.)
May 27th - Manhattan, KS (for a friend's nephew that passed away a few years ago)

Now I don't have the specifics on all of these yet.  I have had some awesome friends ask me to be on their team (because they were being nice and were taking pitty on me I am sure), but I haven't gotten that far yet.  I probably need to get on top of that. I promise I will get busy in making decisions because I know deadlines are quickly approaching. I am a procrastinator at heart!! SORRY!!! But if you are interested in any of these and would like to run with me let me know.  Or pick one and start working towards the goal.  All of these are 5k's. Unless for some reason down the road I think I am a Bad A*% and want to attempt a 10k. But lets not get ahead of ourselves here.  I need to get through my first 5k before I even think about a 10k. 

You guys have a good week.  If you are in KS please be careful the next couple of days.  We are suppose to get some serious snow. Another nice thing about P90X, if we get snowed in, I will still be able to workout :)

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  1. I'm having one of those weeks that illustrate why they tell you not to weigh yourself every day. 135 Tue, 136 Wed, and 133 today. All over the place.