Friday, February 15, 2013

We have made it another week.

Well it is Friday, YAY!! And with that said I have one more day of week 4 of P90x! I will take Saturday off and then Sunday we will begin Week 5 of P90X!! That is just crazy town if you ask me. I can't believe we are on WEEK 5!!I NEVER thought we would make it to week 5!  I am also excited because this week we had another disc to our weekly routine so we get to shake it up a little. This week has been completely different, more yoga, cardio, and a disc that concentrates on our core only for 58 minutes.  It has been an interesting week.

On Facebook I posted a link to a blog that I love
 Meg is AWESOME and has been a huge inspiration to me, plus she has some good before and after photos which you all know that I love.  But yesterday she had a guest writer, Kelly from The Turquoise Piano and she mentioned eating healthy and how many calories you should consume.  I have been wondering for a while now if I have been consuming too little calories and so I wrote Kelly on Facebook. And within a few minutes she wrote me back. And I was right, I am about 200 calories short.  She also mentioned eating more small meals, which I knew she would say. It is hard for me to eat 5 meals a day, Ain't no body got time for that.
If you guys haven't seen this clip on YouTube then you need to get on it.  This stuff is hilarious!!
But back to eating 5-6 meals a day.  This will be a challenge for me, but I know I can do it.  I have been reading the same stuff OVER and OVER again, so I know it is something that must be done. I am hoping this weekend I can start working on a schedule.
I think the biggest accomplishment of that day was the fact that I reached out for help.  And the best part of the whole is experience is that Kelly wrote me back.  I get a little star struck over these bloggers because they get tons of e-mails EVERY DAY from readers and I hate to bother them with my problems because I know everyone is wanting their help. But at the same time I thought "what could it hurt?" And the reason I reached out to Kelly is because this use to be her job.  In her post she mentioned that she use to help people with this problem before she had her child. So I knew that I could go to her and not get a generic answer of "well, this is what I do." Each person is a little different and she knows this. She also wants to hear back from me once a week. So not only did she respond back to me, but she wants to keep hearing from me.  Man, I don't think she knows what she is in for.  So how knows maybe we will become BBFF (blogger best friends forever). That would be the tops (aka that would be awesome). I am trying my hardest to add healthy things/people to my life and I think having her in my corner cheering me on will be a positive thing. 
Also on a positive note, I have a new running buddy!! We are going to start running on Monday although at different gyms and report back to one another how we did. I am going to help her and she is going to help me. Then we are going to run a 5K that weekend of mother's day in Hays, KS. Kelsey Torrez (soon to be Kelly), what are you doing that weekend?? You should run with us!! Either way, that is another positive person I am adding to my list. I am loving it. Plus I am going to try to get a group of gals to cook with me some night and make some healthy dishes.  I think this will be really fun. It is a good way to try new things and spend time with friends. I am excited about this!!
Okay enough about me. WHAT DID YOU DO/GET FOR VALENTINE'S DAY?? I think this year must have been a good one for most people because I saw a billion of valentine photos on FB! What did I get this year, well let me see.  There was this

My hubby surprised me with this in my car! He can be sweet at times. And yes that is a pickle card! I should have taken a picture of the inside of it.  The card originally says "I bet you didn't expect to get a pickle for your birthday."  But Jed scratches out "your birthday" and wrote "Valentine's day".  So now it reads "I bet you didn't expect to get a pickle for Valentine's Day." But I do expect a pickle for ANY and ALL holidays.  Seriously my husband has these cards hoarded in his desk at work. So when ever there is a holiday he just pulls one out and gives it to me. Although this year he took it a step further and got me a balloon and put it in my car as a surprise.  I loved it. And so did my son!

What can I say, the kid loves balloons!! He had fun with it and that made me happy!
FYI - This is a used gift.  But hey that is okay!! I needed a new radio for my car and now I got this fancy thing that I am sure I won't know how to operate. Regardless I am excited!!!
Over all it was a REALLY good Valentine's day.  I hope yours was too.  I had 3 Hersey kisses and a stupid big brownie that R made at daycare. IT WAS GOOD, HE DID A GOOD JOB! I really wanted a glass of wine, but I thought the stupid big brownie put me over the top so I didn't have my glass of wine, but that is okay. We also did a P90X workout and so I didn't feel too horrible about the big stupid brownie, but the I knew what my calorie count would be if I added the glass of wine and I would fret about it afterwards, so it wasn't worth it!  But that was it and now today it is back to clean/healthy eating.  And even though I am adding 200 calories to my day, that doesn't mean eating a candy bar and calling it good.  Food has become fuel for my body and that is how I look at things now. So a candy bar would be like adding crappy old nasty fuel to your car.  It will still run (hopefully), but it will probably act funny. Well the same goes with my body.  I can eat that candy bar and I will still operate, but to be honest I am going to feel yucky later on. So why bother?? Stupid big brownie (good and yummy), but not the right fuel for my body.  Good to do every once in a while, yes; everyday, NO!!!
Well that is enough rambling for one day. I hope you all have a GREAT weekend. and don't forget to look up "sweet brown" on YouTube if you haven't seen that video yet, it is hilarious.  It is a good way to wrap up the week.

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