Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday, AGAIN!!

So this is basically how I feel about today!
I hope I look this cute when I am miserable!! LOL sorry I thought this was cute and basically I don't want it to be Monday either!
How was every one's weekend?? Mine seemed to just disappear. Those 2 days seem to go by too fast.  But I am doing better about eating on the weekends.  So that is a plus, I really think the whole eating healthy is getting better and easier.  I went out to eat on Saturday and I ate from the healthy menu and it was delicious.  I got a pork chop and some broccoli.
Sorry for the blurry pic. But look at that broccoli!! It was huge. If R was eating that he would try to eat it all in one bite. TRUE STORY! You should see that kid eat broccoli. 
You will also notice my beverage in that pic.  Yep that is right I had some beer that night. I am going to still enjoy life and to completely get rid of alcohol isn't going to happen.  I enjoy beer and wine too much to say adios forever.  Just like everything else there needs to be moderation.  Seriously before I would drink at least a beer every night or I would have a glass of wine every night.  Maybe not every night, but more it was more than 2 nights a week.  Now it is basically one night a week. My body appreciates this change too. 
What else did I do this weekend, well if you follow me on Facebook, which all of you or most of you do then you saw that I did my work out before I went out with the girls.  That was nice because I didn't feel guilty about missing a night of P90X and I could enjoy my night! Then on Sunday we started a new week of P90X, week 5 baby!!! We had a new disc called Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps.  And let me tell you, it SUCKED. Oh man, did I feel the burn last night and I still feel it today.  There were a lot of push-ups done last night and a lot more failed push-ups.  Oh boy did it kick my butt.  Once again, no one said it would be easy, but seriously push-ups are my arch nemesis.
This is how I look doing a push by the way!! Just joking that is how I would like to look doing a push-up.
This is probably more accurate!! This is basically what I looked like last night.  No kidding!
I really hope by the end of P90X I have a new appreciation for those because if not there will be a lot more swear words coming out of my mouth for the next 8 weeks. Another reason for us to work out AFTER R is asleep!
I am going to leave you with something that Megan from skinnymeg says, "you can't out train a bad diet."  Which means you have to eat healthy and work out to attain your weight goal. Doesn't it seem like a waste of time to work out so hard and then turn out and consume a bunch of bad calories. I get what she is saying, but it isn't easy. I am doing my best to achieve a healthy diet and I am hoping this is something that will be a norm for me. That when P90X is done or once I achieve my final goal that I won't go back to eating unhealthy.  I really want this to be a lifestyle change. As for eating small meals, I am still working on that.  This may take me a while to master, but I NEED to keep working on it. It is hard to change something you have been doing all your life.  But I know it can be done.
Well I hope you all have a good week. Wednesday I will post my weight again. If it is the same as last week, I might just stop posting my weight and start doing measurements around my waist, arms, and legs. Maybe I will feel better about that!!

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