Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Well, It is Wednesday and weigh in time!

It is Wednesday and I have to say I was dreading this weigh in AGAIN! Will I ever look forward to Wednesdays? I lost 1/2 a pound everyone.  I was at 176.9 last week and I'm at 176.4.  Do I feel defeated?  Yes and No. Remember in my last post how I explained I had a horrible weekend, well how can I expect a good weigh in when I eat like horse over the weekend?  Had I ate better and excercised a little more, I think I would have met my goal which is a little disappointing. But on the bright side I added Cardio to my work out on Monday and Tuesday and each day I ran a MILE! Before I had R this would not have been an accomplishment.  I could ALWAYS run a mile no matter how out of shape I was, I might have struggled, but I could get it done. After R that changed.  I tried running last year and I got to a quarter of a mile and had to stop, I felt so horrible. I kept at it for a while (probably only 2 weeks) and the furthest I got was 3/4 a mile.  I was so frustrated that I quit (NOT RECOMENDED). So when I got on the treadmill Monday I was trying to tell myself that running a mile may not be achievable yet, but it would be if I kept at it.  And it was a struggle, but I ran a mile without walking. YIPEE!!! People I can't tell you how freaking proud of myself I was.  I felt like the old me!! That night I still did my P90X and that was a struggle, but I got it done. On Tuesday I ran again with the same result, but this time it wasn't a big struggle and I probably could have ran more, but I needed to pick up R so I called it quits at a mile. What is my next step? Pick out a 5K date!!! I know if I get myself enrolled in a 5K then I will push myself harder!

Also I want to add that I know that I'm heading in the right direction because .................................. the dress pants I'm wearing today are TOO BIG!!!!!!!!! Another YIPEE for me! On the sad side, they don't have belt loops so I basically need to say adios to them and buy another pair.  Some may say that isnt' a bad thing, but I LOVE these pants. I hope I can find another pair to replace them :)

Some people may want to know what my benefits have been since starting all of this.  Well they are:

1.) I have a pair of pants that are too big!!
2.) I can run a mile again!
3.) I have more energy
4.) My body is getting firmer
5.) I have more confidence in myself
6.) This may go along with #5, but I can say I am proud of myself for achieving some of my small goals.
7.) Exercising is becoming more enjoyable than work!!!!!

I think those benefits are freaking AWESOME. Some of you may already have those things, but for me I can honestly say this is the best I have felt since having my child. I feel like I'm getting back to Jessica and not just a mom or a wife. It is time consuming, but I'm enjoying it. Before R was born, I use to watch A LOT of TV and my husband would say, "get a hobby." And I would get mad because I had hobbies, but they involved doing things with other people, like softball and volleyball.  Hard to play those sports on your own.  But this I can do solo if I need to. I do want to add that my husband does join me in the majority of my P90X workouts, I think he has only missed one.  He is getting stronger and his pants are getting bigger too :) But he did say that his # on the scale is going up.  I know this is because we are adding muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.  I hoping at some point this muscle with start eating our fat and the scales will start to reflex our efforts. 

So what did I learn this week:
1.) I can run a mile!! (this is the last time I will say that)
2.) Don't go crazy over the weekends, it is hard to work that off!
3.) Don't go crazy looking at the number on the scale
4.) Eating healthy takes a little more time/effort at first, but once you start it gets easier as you go.
5.) Ground Turkey is good.
6.) Drinking beer for 3 nights in a row is BAD (I only had a few each night, but they were not necessary!)

Over all my week had it's ups and downs.  I think it will be like that for a while.  PLEASE DON'T EXPECT ME TO BE PERFECT!! Just because I have a blog doesn't mean that I am perfect. You guys are along for the journey and on this journey there are going to be highs and lows. I will do my BEST to be honest with you and myself! Over the years I have discovered that I like to be PERFECT and I am so far from being perfect.  This use to depress me, but recently I have learned that I can't be perfect, it isn't possible. So why strive for something that isn't possible?  Especially if it only makes me sad and feel bad about myself.  A goal should make you feel good and you should feel good about achieving them. Striving to be perfect isn't a specific goal. I know that I need to be specific about my goals. Which are to lose 30 lbs and to run a 5K. I know I'm on way to achieving both of these goals. I may not be dropping the pounds like I would like to, but I'm building the tools to get there.  The more muscle I have the more pounds I will lose down the road. And I'm a few miles shorts of the 5K, but I know over the next a month or two I will be there! These goals I feel good about!!

Well once again this got pretty lengthy.  I apologize for that. How did you guys do this week?? Did you discover anything new or learn anything new? What are your goals?? It doesn't have to be weight related, I am just curious.  It is February and I know some of you had New Years resolutions, so are you still working towards those? 

With Wednesday being here that means we are about half way through our work week!! YAY!! I hope the rest of the week goes smoothly for you! Take care and if you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me.


  1. You are exactly right about muscle weighing more than fat. That is awesome that you already have pants that are too big! Keep up your hard work and you will see those numbers on the scale start to go down!

  2. Thanks Heather!!! I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate the support and inspiration you guys give me! Thank you!

  3. Jessica, I absolutely swear by the C25K (Couch 2 5K) app, and they have a facebook page you can like to get (almost) daily inspiration for running, It's a 9-week training (3x per week recommended) that works you up to a 5K with walking/running intervals, you choose whatever speed is comfortable for you. However, IMO I feel that by the end of Week 5, a person would be able to run a 5K without walking. The adrenaline of actually being in a race would push you through.

    Congrats on the 1/2 pound and the pants that are too big, and good luck this next week/weekend!

  4. Thanks Kayla. I will have to look at the FB page. I feel like I am past their starting point so I haven't really invested a lot of time in that. But I need to look more into it, maybe start somewhere in the middle. I agree that the adrenaline kicks in, I have never ran a race, but I know on game days I was always more amped and had more energy than any other practice day!

    I think I am going to do the Fools day race here in Salina and then Run in the Race in Wichita, Color me Rad is what I think it is called. Calendar is fillin up! I should be in great shape for our next Dunes trip! I am going to need it since we don't have a RZR yet!!

  5. I completely finished the 9 weeks of C25K last winter, and only ran a couple times over the summer, so this November I had decided I would start it again, but since I felt like I was in much better shape than last year, I just increased the speed on the running intervals to get more out of it. I should probably note that I had continued to do some cardio/strength DVDs at home throughout the spring/summer, which is why I felt like I was in better shape starting it the second time.

    I probably should have continued my running, but decided to play it safe and just do as many 30 minute walk days as possible. I finished week 5 of the program the last weekend of December 2012. :(

    Do you guys have a Dunes trip planned?

  6. Kayla you will be running again!! I promise. If you are this motivated at this point then nothing will stop come the end of this year! Hopefully by then I will be a pro and I can give you pointers or maybe just a free night to get some running done :)

    Did you get my text last night?? I sent you the dates that Natalie sent us. I am really hoping we can make it to one of those trips, but you know how Jed is. He really doesn't like to make long term Dunes plans. This drives me nuts, but I understand why he is like that.

  7. Hey Jessica, I didn't get a chance to comment yesterday. We're apparently on the same weight loss schedule since I lost a half pound, too. (It was up a half pound from the day before, but I think I was dehydrated from soccer the night before when I weighed in that morning.) So, maybe you could lose like 5 pounds this week so I will? LOL. Anyway, considering I was sick all week, I guess I'm happy to just not have gained weight.

  8. Good Job Jeannine! You still lost some weight. Keep up the good work. Being sick doesn't help unless you have a stomach bug, but those are no fun!! When I am tired, that is when I tend to make bad choices and being sick is usually when I am the most tired :( Keep up the good work!!