Monday, February 25, 2013

Snowed in, bachelorette party, and being sick!!

Starting Wednesday night people in KS started to prepare for a snow storm and boy did we get snow! So Wednesday night my husband started a fire in our fire place all motivation to work out went out the window!! So come Thursday morning we woke up to our lovely winter wonderland. Hubby was busy clearing out the snow to see if we cold make it to work that day and I stayed in inside trying to keep R happy while he thought dad was outside having fun! Evidentially we decided to stay home since it was already bad, but the snow wasn't stopping. So we had our first snow day. And then on Friday it was worse and we knew our non-four wheeled vehicles would Not make it. So at this point we had 2 days of being snowed in. Good news is that I worked out on Thursday night, bad news is that I didn't work out on Friday night. But on Saturday we did work out during R's nap. And then I headed to Hays Ks for my cousin's bachelorette party which by then the roads in our neck of the woods had finally been plowed. I ate good all day until it was time for dinner and then I indulged, but split my meal so it wasn't that bad. But soon after that I indulged in A LOT of beer. Not so good! But I knew I didn't have to drive home and I knew I had a DD. I also worked off a few of those calories by dancing. Yes I can dance but believe me when I say it isn't pretty. It looks a lot like Elaine off of Seinfeld. LOL. Needless to say I was hurting a little bit come Sunday morning. Ugggggg! I think I literally said that the next morning. I got back to Salina around lunch time and then put R down for a nap. Then I put myself down for a nap. At this point I ate a banana and that is it!! I was feeling much better after I woke up but by supper time came I started feeling yucky again. So I did not work out that night and I went to bed early. The next morning (Monday) I woke up feeling yucky again. Yep, I have the flu or some kind of stomach bug! So this hasn't been the best Monday!! And of course it started to snow again. So I stayed home yet again and the others barely made it to town. My point to all this rambling is, my schedule had gone to hell!! Was anyone able to stay on schedule these last few days?? I am hoping to make it to work tomorrow and to start working out again. My life feels like a freaking mess. I like when I am on a routine. Crazy. So I'm sorry for not posting anything these last few days but like I said things have been off.

Another question I have for you is, do you still count your calories when you are sick? Or when you let yourself have a cheat day?? I am just curious. I know today I was really under my limit because I didn't want to eat anything!! We will see what the scale says on Wednesday but my prediction is that it will be bad!!! Oh well I am not going to give up. I know P90x will suck but I pretty much miss it and I know I need to jump back on the horse. Plus I haven't purchased a wedding outfit so I am hoping to lose a little bit more weight before I have to do that, which means p90x and I will have to hit hard these next couple of weeks. I am ready for it though. My next post will be a little more positive. I also might go into more depth on my P90x journey just so people have a good idea of what it is and how horrible I looked at the beginning!

Have a good night and let's hope for a break in between our next snow!!

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