Monday, February 4, 2013

It is another Monday!

Don't let my title fool ya.  For a Monday I am actually feeling pretty good.  Maybe it was the 8.5 hours of sleep I got last night!! Don't be jealous I had to leave my house looking not so good, but that is okay, this girl needed some sleep.  And I'm so glad that I did because I feel great today.  With that said, I didn't do so hot this weekend.  How did you gals/guys do this weekend?

Friday night my parents came into town and we ate at Tuscon's Steakhouse.  Let me tell you that I was ready to go there and have a VERY healthy salad and call it good.  But once I got there and saw the menu I realized that a Salad really wasn't going to be that good (healthy). So then I started to look for some grilled chicken items and there was only one item on there I was thinking about getting, but about that time the smell of all the unhealthy things took over.  So I decided on a breaded chicken sandwich with french fries!! Yes you read that right, a totally UNHEALTHY meal, but let me add that Jed and I shared that meal. So I only had half a sandwich and half the fries, so I am taking baby steps. After dinner we went to a high school basketball game, but I had to leave during the 3rd Quarter because I had to play volleyball. I went and played 2 games of volleyball, but I was about useless. At 8:55, this girl can not get motivated to play. It was hard, but I made it through the 2 games.

Then on Saturday I had a chicken wrap from Blimpies which isn't too bad. My sister was in town and she need some wedding clothing so we went shopping and had lunch in the mall. SCARY!! There aren't a whole lot of healthy items at the mall and I really didn't feel the need to go EVERY restaurant to figure out whether or not they had healthy items so I just went with the sandwich place. It was good, but the most impressive thing about that meal was my SON.  He ate all of his kid's meal sandwich and sat in one place the whole time!! It was so AWESOME.  That kid never wants to sit in one spot for very long let alone eat his meal. That kid would be happy if he NEVER had to sit down for a meal ever again.  So let me tell you this was a huge achievement! This made me very happy.

For dinner that night we had chili that I made and I only had 3/4 cup of chili and a few Frito's and a light sprinkle of shredded cheese. But then I had to have a cinnamon roll to go with that because I made them for my hubby and sister and I couldnt' resist, they smelled so darn good. But I only had one and they weren't the big ones, but still I felt a little guilty for eating it.  Once R was asleep, Jed and I kept going back and forth on whether or not we should work out and I finally decided that I WANTED to. So we got P90X out and did a work out. My sister wasn't feel so hot after the chili so she decided to not work out, but I can understand that. I was pretty proud of myself for working out while having guests over, and my sister enjoyed some alone time.

On Sunday we went back into town for lunch and we ate Mexican food and I had a small tostada and only a few bites of my beans. (Let me tell you Sunday was my worst day). I think I just had an attitude of NOT CARING! Which is no good when you are trying to lose weight. So then after that I had to go home and get some food ready for a Super Bowl party and I will say that I made one good choice, I made my Queso dip with Lean Ground Turkey meat!! And No, it didn't taste any different than ground beef.  I was glad it tasted good. There was another Queso dip at the party and I was actually glad because Jed got a little of both and I asked him later if he could taste the difference between the two and he said NO.  He didn't know that I had used Turkey meat. So when I told him I put LEAN TURKEY meat in mine he was actually really surprised.  So that might be my new thing, LEAN turkey meat.

So I can't say that I walked away without learning anything from this weekend. You are asking, What did I learn? Well, 1.)Turkey meat tastes like ground beef. 2.)I can eat half a sandwich and be FULL.  Also when you split it from the get go you aren't tempted to keep stuffing your face.  3.)I can find time to workout with guests around. 4.)That I can chalkboard paint a wall in 30 minutes with a toddler running around! Oh did I forget to mention that.  On Sunday before the party I decided to quickly paint my wall with Chalkboard paint. It turned out pretty good. I have to put a second coat on tonight, but I think it will look pretty darn good when I'm done. I will take a picture when I'm done.

Okay I'm done with my novel. Man these can get long.  Sorry!! You guys have a good week.  Remember, if you were bad last night shrug it off, you can't take it back.  All you can do it is learn from it. Maybe today you can do an extra 15 minutes of exercise.  I know I'm going to give that a try.  I am going to run today.  I decided that I do want to run a 5K, so today I hit the treadmill.  But don't think I'm giving up on P90X, I will be hitting that hard tonight too. I might be a little ambitious today, we will see how I feel tomorrow. Wish me luck!! :) Take care!!


  1. My weekend highlight...I got two walks in. Those felt pretty good. I can't believe it's just as hard to motivate myself to walk as it was/is to make myself run. But I'm going to try to get out again today and keep the ball rollin'.

    Hope your day goes just as planned, sounds like a good one!

  2. Kayla, if you can walk as much as possible it will be helpful. Believe me you don't want to be completely out of shape in August. I wish I had started walking earlier, but I still did pretty good. I think I was walking close to a mile each day. Plus if you can get Matt to walk with you it will be a good time to talk about stuff. That is when Jed and I had our best talks!! On weekends feel free to call me up and we can walk together. Reid likes it when I push him in a wagon so we can always do that!! :)