Thursday, February 7, 2013

The unexpected

Yesterday I was pondering if I was making a fool out of myself by blogging. It is one thing to make a fool out of myself in my house for my family to see, but it is another thing to put it out there and have all my friends and family see it. I thought maybe people thought my blog was silly.  I know it has been good for me and that is the reason  I started it, but I hate to annoy people with it.  So as the day went on, I let this thought leave my mind. But as noon came I got a text from a close friend asking me a couple of questions regarding my blog and my new exercise schedule. So I told her what worked for me and that I am glad that she is running as well. Then I had another friend tell me that she wants to start getting active again and would like to work up the strength to run again.  At this point I am thinking, "Way to go girls!! I am so proud of you!"  I LOVE hearing that people want to start exercising again because I know the feeling you get once you decide to start! It is a big moment! Or at least it was for me.  At the mall I ran into a old co-worker/friend and she told me that she has been reading my blog and that it has been nagging at her to start working out again. And right before we parted she told me to keep going because I had fans!! WHAT?!?!?! I have fans!! Within minutes of that comment I got a text from my first friend and she told me she had just did her workout for the day.  She proceeded to tell me that my blog has inspired her and for me to keep blogging. I wish someone had taken a picture of me at that moment because tears came to my eyes and I stopped in my tracks. I INSPIRE PEOPLE!! This is a whole new concept to me. YOU GUYS INSPIRE ME! That is why I started this blog, I was selfish and I needed more motivation. So for it to turn around and inspire other people is just CRAZY! You people are killing me kindness! Thank you for the nice words and encouraging me to continue blogging.  You never know how this is going to go once you hit that publish button. For as hard as it is to put myself out there, I knew that I had to do this. WHY?!?! Because I needed to stop hiding.  The more I hid the more I gained.  I didn't want to confront my weight gain, I wanted to use excuses.  I had a baby, there had to be something wrong with my metabolism, I have no time, etc. I had a million excuses.  Then came the blog, NO MORE EXCUSES!! I am just like ALL the other people out there trying to lose weight. So what if a have a crazy, but adorable 2 year old.  There are people with 4 children that have time to work out. I am pretty sure I have no problem with my metabolism, I have just been too lazy and unmotivated to keep up any work out schedule.

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE INSPIRATION!  If I inspire one person from this blog then that is such an added bonus. Also, I want to say that starting a work out program is not easy.  People get down on themselves for not working out.  My advice is to find something that you think you will like or a challenge for yourself. If you don't have people to work out with then go join a gym and get into a class.  THEY DON'T CARE IF YOU ARE OUT OF SHAPE AND CAN'T KEEP UP WITH THEM!! I promise you, they are just happy you are there. Do you know why they are happy to see you? Because they were you at some point.  99% of people are like you.  There are NOT a lot of people who stayed in shape from the time they were in high school; there are a few people out there who achieved this and they are called freaks of nature!! LOL okay not really, but they were awesome people who didn't let certain life changing events change them. CONGRATS to you people out there who were able to do this.  This is a HUGE achievement! If you are scared of gym then look within your community and find another class. There is one in Salina that has NOTHING to do with a gym, they do turbo kicks (which is like kick boxing), it is a GREAT class. I wish I had time to do that class again, it just doesn't fit into my schedule right now. If you want info on this class please text me, call me, or FB me.  I will gladly pass on the info.

Secondly, find a way to be accountable. Start a blog!! Okay that might not be for everyone, but find something. There are groups on FB and at gyms that can help. If you need me to text you once a day, I will do that! We can help each other be accountable.  I also use myfitnesspal app, which helps me keep track of my calories and what I eat every day, so if you need to join me on that please feel free to add me as a friend!! The more people I have surrounding me with the same goal, the better chance I have to succeed and the better chance I can help you achieve your goals! We can help each other out. I know WE can do this!! I am on instagram and I have become a little obsessed with it (sorry people!!), but I am going to try to do better with taking pics of healthy meals that I make. So feel free to join me on there.

You guys/gals, I am not an expert, I am JUST like you.  I am trying to lose the weight the best way I know how. I don't want to take any pills or weight loss drug.  I am doing my best to do this the old fashion way with healthy eating and exercise! Oh yeah and blogging!! :) That is why I ask for suggestions or recipes.  I AM NEW TO THIS!! But I have this great tool called the Internet.  Have you heard of it?? Oh you must have because you are reading this blog! LOL (I swear that is the last LOL you will see today!)But it has been a great tool.  But I love to hear what my close friends and family have done or are doing to lose weight.  So please don't feel like you are bugging me if you send me a new recipe that you like or an exercise that you like doing. I also want to hear any new achievements or goals that you met! I get inspiration from your achievements. It pushes me harder! I need to be pushed!! Not physically, but you know what I mean. And if you need a push, let me know and I will do my best to push you (figuratively).

Well once again you have wasted a perfectly good 10 minutes reading my blog. (I got that from cartalk, they use to be on NPR, a funny talk show.  AWWW I miss them!) Take care everyone. Put down that candy bar and go eat an apple!
I bought those the other day and they sat in my car for over 24 hours without me eating them :) This girl is starting to make some progress. Now they are sitting in my house which might be as dangerous. I NEED to give them away to someone. Chocolate is bad for dogs, right? I am joking, I know it is. Cats?!?!

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