Monday, March 3, 2014

The dreaded 6 miles

Okay, so with this whole half marathon training I save my longer runs for the weekend. And in my dream world I would be able to run outside for these longer runs.  This past weekend I knew running outside wasn't an option. If you live in KS then you know why, if not, let me tell you that it has been down right frigid here and on Saturday it started to snow. But I was determined to get my 6 miles in on Saturday.  So this meant I could either look like Ralph

Or hit the treadmill. It was a CLOSE call, but I headed for the gym to get on that horrible dreadmill. Let me tell you that the longest distance I have ran on a treadmill has been somewhere around 4 miles and those 4 miles were the HARDEST 4 miles I have ever ran so my expectations of actually running 6 miles continuously were pretty small. It went something like this:

Mile 1 - Alright, I'm rocking this treadmill
Mile 3 - hummmm, did I just run another mile. wow, good for me!
Mile 4 - How do I possibly still have 2 more miles of this?? Seriously, I'm not going to make it.  If I make it to end of this mile I will call it quits.
Mile 5 - Hey lookie, I made it to mile 5. Man, I might actually be able to do this!!
Mile 5.55 - Treadmill shuts off!! WHAT THE HELL!!

Okay so at mile 5.55 my treadmill seriously shut off and I don't know why. I probably looked hilarious because I was hitting every possible button on that thing and yet, it never turned back on. So I grab my head phones and water bottle and run to another treadmill. Get it going and force myself to finish the rest of that mile. And to my amazement I jogged 6 whole miles. I didn't think it was possible.  I have not ran/jogged 6 miles since before I got married which was in 2006. And even back then, I was amazed that ANYONE could run 6 miles let alone myself. Let me add that after running 6 miles back in 2006, I quit running. Why?? Well because I had purchased a dress that didn't need any alterations.  And after that long run I tried it on again and to my amazement it was getting bigger. I knew that I either needed to dial back or go pay to have it altered, but it was stupid and lazy and decided to stop running. Fast forward to wedding day - dress was a little snug. STUPID DECISION!  But back to the present - I was so freaking happy with myself. People always tell me that running is a mental game.  And I agree, but it has been a mental game I couldn't win. UNTIL NOW! I mean seriously, if you told me a month ago that I would be running 6 miles on a treadmill I would have thought you were crazy.  I struggle to run 2 miles on a treadmill, but I was determined to get that 6 miles in on Saturday. 
(sorry this is a little gross, but too funny to NOT share!)

So how did this actually happen?  Well, I told myself that I was going to either run or walk 6 miles. If I had to take walking breaks then that was OKAY. If I had to stop completely and go lift or go do something else in the gym for a few minutes to get a break and then hop back on to finish then that was fine too!  But in every scenario I gave myself, the end result was 6 miles. So when it came time to get on the treadmill I knew what my goal was and I had several different plans to reach that goal, I knew I could do it. So when things started to get rough at mile 2, I told myself that at mile 3 I would stop and walk or get off completely and go get a drink.  But surprisingly at mile 3, I didn't need that break any more.  So I said the next time I start to struggle I will take a break.  So when mile 4 hit and I was started to dread the next two miles I decided to slow down the treadmill by one hit of the button. That HELPED and by the end of that mile I was getting bored and felt good, so I hit the button again, but to speed it up this time. And I hit that button a couple different times.  Sometimes I felt like going faster and so I did and other times I NEEDED to slow it down.  But letting myself adjust my speed helped me at times of boredom or when I thought I needed to stop. And then when my treadmill completely stop (for what ever reason) I knew that I had it in me to finish so I asked myself, "Why not finish then??" and I didn't have an answer.  So I switched treadmills and finished what I had come there to do.

Now I know that some runs are better than others.  BELIEVE ME I KNOW THIS!! But remember if you are having a bad one, then the next one will probably be out of this world AMAZING! Stay with it. Do what you can with what you got and the next run will reward you back.

So this Saturday is 7 miles and I will be in a whole new territory.  I HAVE NEVER RAN 7 MILES STRAIGHT. EVER!! I am hoping to achieve this run outside (because I want to enjoy this run and achievement while it is actually happening). But it is good to know that I have other options, like the dreadmill. Yeah, me and the treadmill are NEVER going to be friends, but we can be acquaintances.

Also, an update.  I was going to start the cleanse today, but since Sunday was full of nothing but laziness I didn't make it to the grocery store or do any meal prepping. So That means I will start tomorrow. Which is good because Jed will be out of town for a few days and I can focus on a CLEAN super and not worry about adjusting it for him. R can either eat what I'm eating (which I am hoping is the case) or I will adjust it for him.  But that is easier than adjusting it for Jed because Jed wants all the stuff I can't have on the cleanse and it just tempts me too much. So plan is to start tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Well I hope y'all had a great weekend and are looking forward to this awesome week.  I saw awesome because we might make it out of the freezing temperatures.  It is suppose to warm up in my neck of the woods and this girl couldn't be happier.
My thoughts exactly! Have a good week folks!

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