Monday, March 31, 2014

Half Marathon training

Well for me the count down has begun.  On Saturday I had 2 weeks left to get ready for my Half Marathon on April 12th. Geesh, where has the time gone?  It seems like yesterday I signed up for the Half thinking, "Oh I have plenty of time to train for this sucker." Well, here I am. I guess I should say that I'm feeling OKAY about the marathon coming up, but not really super prepared.

On Saturday I ran 10 miles on dirt, gravel, and very little pavement.  It also consisted of some gnarly hills. UGH, hills. I will tell you that I am not a huge fan of hills, but they do make me stronger.  I have noticed they aren't as hard as they use to be, but I still crawl up them like a snail.

 I am hoping that with all these difficulties that I am adding to my long distance runs that come marathon time I will fly through those flat 13.1 miles. And by Fly I mean I won't die and won't come in last.  I DREAD the day I come in last in a race, but someone has to, right?!?!? PLEASE GOD DON'T LET IT HAPPEN IN 2 WEEKS! 

I also feel like the last 2 weeks all I have felt is being sore.  I am sore from Crossfit and I'm sore from running. But the combination of both of those is making me stronger which is what I want. But wholy moly does being sore suck.

I would also like to thank all the support I have had on Facebook as my runs get longer and longer. It really does mean the world to me.  A year ago I was just happy to run a mile without dying and now I'm able to run 10. It sure didn't happen over night. And let me say that the 1st mile of ANY run always sucks.  I am serious when I say that. I seriously think the first mile is worse then the last mile. I am out of breathe and struggling to get to that mile marker, but something magical happens as I hit that first mile.  I am not sure what it is, but something hits me and I start to tell myself "I can do this." But up until then I am constantly saying:

-At mile one you can take a break
-Just make it one mile and you can STOP
-Seriously if you make it to the first mile you can stop and walk home.
-Why is this so hard?
-I should have trained harder during the week.
-I REALLY want to walk RIGHT NOW, but just keep going. Hopefully it will get better.
-Why can't I breathe?
This is how I feel during my 1st mile.

These are seriously things I say while I am running. It isn't until after that first mile that I start to enjoy my run. And then around mile 7 I start thinking this stupid shit:

-Maybe I can run a FULL Marathon.
-This isn't so hard, maybe I should consider running a FULL one.
-Why is mile one so hard again??
-If I run a FULL marathon, should I try to qualify for the Boston Marathon?

Then I tell myself this "Just finish this run, then we can talk about other races." And yes I talk to myself, you don't??

I hit mile 9 and things are starting to hit me. I am starting to get tired and I REALLY want to see my house. But I keep telling myself "Just one more mile, you can do this."  Then I see the last hill I have to run before I get to my house and I say:

-Oh F%ck me.
-Why did I think I could run a FULL Marathon??
-This hill SUCKS
-I seriously think I could walk up this hill faster than I am jogging up this hill.
-Pump your arms (dad always says when your legs are tired, use your arms to keep you going)
-Why do I save this hill for last??

And then I magically get to the top of the hill and shortly after that the lady on my app tells me I have ran 10 miles. WOW I MADE IT!!!

I slowly walk back to my house which isn't far, probably less than a block if I lived in town. I get home and no one is home yet, they are all still in town. Thank goodness, no one will see me waddle to the bathroom. I have heard people take ice baths after working out or long runs and I decided I would give this a try because we had big plans for that night and I didn't want to limp around all day. It did help!! Is it a miracle worker, NO.  But my hips didn't hurt at all on Satruday (yes I know I am old, usually my hips bug me for a couple days after a long run) and I was able to move around like I needed to.  

I needed more ice. Oh well. I promise you, it was FREAKING cold and I despise cold showers/bathes.

What were our big plans for Saturday night??
MONSTER TRUCKS BABY!!! Yeah, I'm a boy mom.  I think I was more excited about this than Jed was.  We surprised R with the monster truck show here in town.  I knew it wouldn't be a spectacular show, but I knew it would be enough for R to LOVE. And he did. I'm so glad we took him. I love that little boy to pieces.  This is why I didn't want to feel like a 90 year old lady all day!

And on Sunday we did a little of this:

Jed was off doing wheelies and showing off, so that is why he isn't in the picture. And yes we have a helmet for R, but we were putting around so slowly that he didn't need one. And no he isn't riding by himself yet, we ride on the back with him.  But my guess is by the end of 2014 he will be riding on his own or pretty close to it. It is crazy how fast they grow up!!

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend. I have no complaints here. After a weekend of being sick, this weekend felt like a vacation! :) 

****oh and by the way, I am NOT going to run a FULL Marathon.  Those are just crazy thoughts I get while running. Some say exercise is like a drug and I would have to agree because I have INSANE ideas while I run!! LOL

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