Friday, March 7, 2014

Almost quit the cleanse.

Okay so today is day 4 of the cleanse and I have to say.........


I have stuck to the rules and limitations on the food and as of today I'm pretty darn happy with myself. If I have learned anything from this cleanse it is that I can eat clean and not die of starvation or boredom.  Now yesterday I was singing a different tune so who knows by Monday I may have thrown in the towel, but I am hoping not. 

What was the deal with yesterday?? Well there was snow on the ground and it was colder than I expected and I was just grumpy.  With it being cold I REALLY wanted my coffee with my yummy creamer in it. Then I got frustrated because I couldn't find a report that I needed for work and I knew I would have to ask someone, which made me grumpier.  Not because it wasn't were it was suppose to be, but because I would have to ask for help. I HATE asking for help, I am my mom's daughter!! In my head, I should be able to handle EVERYTHING on my own. So the idea of asking for help just really got me going and all I wanted to do was eat something sweet or a sandwich. And by sweet I mean something with chocolate on it! But I didn't! I was tired as well and I couldn't tell if it was from the cleanse or from the lack of sleep the night before.  But there were times I just about said, to hell with this shit, I'm going to hunt down a Reese's peanut butter cup egg and eat the shit out of it. But I didn't.  Also, there were some Oreos staring at me, beckoning for me to eat them with a cold cup of milk. But I put those bitches back in the cabinet and said no! I don't think they will be bothering me tonight. HAHAHA.

Today is a different day because:
  • The sun is shining and it is FINALLY starting to warm up (and yes I know another cold front is coming tomorrow :( But i'm focusing on today). 
  • I have tons of energy and would rather be any where other than my desk at work.
  • Jed is home!!!
  • It is Friday
  • And I'm super proud of myself for NOT giving up yesterday. 
There was a point last night that I thought about just coming up with an excuse and quitting. But then I thought I would have to own up to it on here. I just couldn't do that! I didn't want to say I quit something else AGAIN.  So here I am eating one of the oddest things I have ever had!

I am pretty mad, I had a pic of my before and when I was going to put it on here, it magically disappeared. So you get a pretty much finished plate of spaghetti squash and asparagus. 

Yeah that is spaghetti squash and asparagus with Sriracha on it. It is odd, but it isn't bad.  I would go as far to say that I would eat this again. It is Lent so I couldn't have the spaghetti meat sauce that I had the other night so this is what I came up with. Odd, yes! Good, yeah. I will go as far to say, it is good.

Also let me tell you that I have lost weight.  I got on the scale this morning and I was pretty darn pleased with myself.  I am not going to tell you what the scale said, I am going to wait until the end to give you all the details.  I did take some before photos and I will post them at the end as well.  I am hoping my after pics will be noticeably different, but who knows I may look exactly the same.  That is okay because I feel pretty darn good and I have a different attitude towards food. 

Speaking of food, I have some new recipes that I want to try out and they look freaking good. I don't think I will have to adjust them for Jed and R either. So that is a huge plus in my book! I will do my best to take pictures and post the recipe if they turn out good.

Also, this weekend I have to run 7 miles. New territory for me. I'm excited and scared ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Wish me luck!! Not only for the run, but because I can't have any alcohol this weekend. This morning I was thinking there was nothing better than sitting at home with a glass of wine and watching last night's Grey's Anatomy. And then BOOM, it hit me. I can't have the wine. I'm a little sad.  But really think it will all be worth it in the end!!

Folks have a good weekend.

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