Friday, March 14, 2014

the conclusion and a new beginning

So the cleanse ended too soon for me, but that is okay.  I learned that this is something that is doable and I learned about Paleo, which would not have happened on it's own (but that is a completely different post). It also taught me that if you want to eat Healthy then you need to plan ahead.  The just wing it attitude is going to cut it. Like today, I brought some tuna salad with me for lunch and then I started to think about when I made that and it had been over a week.  Just having the stomach bug earlier this week I couldn't chance it. SOOOO, I went down the street and grabbed 2 pieces of cheese pizza (with it being lent and all). Normally I don't get fast food or restaurant food on Friday's for lent because that doesn't seem like fasting to me. Which that is another post all on it's self too.
See this is what I mean by NOT eating meat, but going to eat to find your meatless meal. Not really a fast or sacrifice if you ask me.

ANY WAYS, I would recommend the cleanse if you are wanting to get back on track.  Now here is the interesting part. I did lose weight, but I think the cleanse did more for me than just get me to lose weight, it really did have me wanting to eat healthier and cleaner. I kind of feel like I'm back on track. So with that said, I did get down to 171.3. That is 5 pounds!! But then this morning when I weighed myself I was back up to 173. But that is okay.  I think after I get my meals planned out, the weight is going to start coming off again.  I'm not too worried about it. But I did notice my cloths feels a lot more comfortable and that the bloat in my stomach was starting to go away.  And OF COURSE I FORGOT TO TAKE AFTER PICS. I am seriously the worst blogger EVER! But I honestly think the best part of the cleanse was getting back in touch with eating better. I was REALLY struggling before and now I have this thirst for new recipes and cleaner food. I call that a win.

So what now?? Well, I am still planning on eating Paleo/Clean food from here on out (except for that crappy cheese pizza for lunch), but I know that I need to plan ahead for that. But at this point I have A LOT of the ingredients to make my own Paleo food which is exciting. I am also still training for my half marathon.  I have to run 8 miles this weekend. Once again this is new territory for me. It is scary as shit, but it is also incredibly awesome. I get such a high after running/jogging, these long distances. And luckily I haven't had any injuries (cross my fingers). So I will keep on keepin on.

But there is something else I have up my sleeve and that is..............................................................

Yeah, you read that right. I start Crossfit on Monday. After falling in love with a bunch of the's recipes I started to read the rest of her blogs and she talked a bunch about crossfit. Now crossfit is something that I have been really interested in since the beginning of the year, but my membership at the gym was a year long commitment so that meant I couldn't get out of that until April. And I was thinking that I would start after my half marathon which is in April and I thought this would make perfect sense.  But the more I read about Crossfit and the more I read Paleomg's blog, the more excited about it.  I have a good friend who does Crossfit and she LOVES it. My husband's friend does it too and he really likes it. So then I thought, well maybe I should give it a try before my membership actually ends and that way I have a fall back plan in case I don't like Crossfit.

Now to start Crossfit here in Salina you have to take a fundamentals class which is 5 classes spread out in 2 weeks. Fundamentals is exactly what is sounds like, it teaches you the basics of Crossfit. I will have a lot more information for you on Tuesday since Monday evening is my first class.  I'm so stoked about this. I wasn't going to tell you about it until AFTER I had taken the first class, but I couldn't resist myself.

What is crossfit, Wikipedia says: "CrossFit, Inc. is a fitness company founded by Greg Glassman in 2000.[1][2] CrossFit incorporates high-intensity interval training, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, strongman exercises and other disciplines" So it encompasses a lot of things. But it looks like this:
This is not the gym I will be attending, I found it on google.
But each day you have a different Workout of the Day or as people call it "WOD".  And everyone does the same workout, but the weight is up to you and any modifications that you need. From what I have read the goal is to make you stronger and more fit. And if you lose weight in the process then GREAT. I also get this vibe that there is this want and need from people in crossfit to continue to grow and do better each time. So as you do certain things you work on your form more and more and increasing your weight over time. Google it when you get bored. There is a ton of information on it.

Now let me tell you, signing up for Crossfit was quite the experience. I don't get intimidated very easily when it comes to gyms, sports, etc., but here I was almost shaking. Walking into the gym it got real FAST.  They literally work out right near the door and there is no desk or greeter there.  There are just sweaty people working out and this guy yelling out things, (he is yelling because the music is incredibly loud). I felt as small as a mouse.  So I sat there for probably 3 minutes HOPING a trainer would see me (looking like i'm ready to piss my pants) and come say hi. Nope didn't happen.  So I had to ask this guy working out where the trainer was and he just pointed to a guy in a black shirt. That was it. No hello or "yeah, he is right over there, welcome to this glorious place call crossfit. My name is Bob, what is yours?" Okay, no one talks like that except for me in my head. HA. So I finally start to walk toward the trainer (also, i'm in my work clothes and look like a elephant with a heard of cows) and he finally sees me and immediately walks over to me.  At this point he is very friendly and nice.  I don't really remember what he said, but he was nice. He takes my money and puts my name down on a list.  Then tell me he will see me on Monday and goes back to yelling at the people about their form and what not.  I leave there feeling excited and scared shitless at the same time. Come Monday afternoon who knows what I will feel like.  Right now I'm more excited than scared. And please let me remind you, I'm not taking this class with my friends or ANYONE that I know. I'm doing this on my own. And yes it is scary, but it is something I want to do so here I am about to jump into the deep end of the pool for the first time without a friend near by. And I'm okay with that. If I waited for a friend to do this with, it would probably never happen. So I have to make these things happen on my own. Not a big deal. I like to run on my own and I put my big girl panties on to show up to my fundamentals class. Actually, I might wear 2 pairs, just in case. LOL

So with this being said, I'm not going to blog on Monday. I will be back on Tuesday to tell you how the hell crossfit went. Think happy thoughts for me. The nice thing about fundamentals is that EVERYONE is a beginner, so at least I won't be surrounded by this guy:
Although he wouldn't be bad to look at for an hour.
See you guys next week. Have a GREAT weekend.
PS. if you have any questions about the cleanse please feel free to ask me. not a professional here, but if you have a particular question that I didn't cover please feel free to ask me.

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