Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Introducing the Red Demon

Howdy! How is your week going??

Mine isn't the best one ever, but totally not the worst either. I am mostly in a good mood because I went to the gym this morning and ran.

I always feel better on the days when I get up and go to the gym, now I just need to remember this on Monday morning at 4:30. With that said, I did not go to the gym Monday morning or Tuesday morning. 

Monday morning I was exhausted and decided I was going to enjoy the extra hour and a half of sleep! Why was I tired, well I was still recovering for the weekend.  We went to a Split Lip Rayfield concert on Saturday night and I guess I partied to hard because on Sunday I was worthless and Monday morning I was still feeling it.
None of the pics turned out very good. But the bass player is using a gas tank out of a truck or something and it has ONE string on it.  Needless to say, the band was awesome. Me consuming too much alcohol was NOT. I would like to say I am NEVER going to do that again, but I have said that all too many times and end up doing it about once a year. Yeah stupid, I know. But I had fun and I guess that is the whole point of doing things like this, HAVE FUN!
Then on Tuesday the RED DEMON arrived.  You are asking "Who is the red demon??" well the RED DEMON is myself during my FUN filled week of having my period. Yeah I said it. And I want to freaking know why men don't have to have ANYTHING like this?  I mean come on, they don't have to give birth and they don't have to turn into the Red demon once a month either!! Seriously, I call bullshit on all of this. The bloating the week before I turn into the Red Demon is horrible too, I mean I seriously feel at least 6 month pregnant and I get super emotional about EVERYTHING. It is ridiculous.  And I try my best to be nice to my husband during this time, but if I'm going to get mad it is going to be during this week/week and half (the older I get the earlier my hormones start playing with my temperament and my grumpiness starts early).  Jed asked me to pick up some nighttime diapers for R and I am pretty sure he thought he was going to melt from the look I gave him and then he immediately cooled off from the icy comment of, "Yes, I can pick them up. I will do everything."  I swear the kid (my husband, I call people my own age kid, don't ask me why) would spontaneously combust if he walked into a store that didn't sell car parts. So he was nice and offered to pick some up after work, but then added this comment, "Just tell me what kind to get him and I will pick them up." SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? In my head I say "How could you possibly not know this? What if I died on the way to work? What would you do?" And yes I know that this is dramatic and he would figure it out, but it was just irritating. So I responded with something like, "Yeah fine, I will text you the details later." And I'm pretty sure it was in the same tone as before, maybe a little colder.
Yeah I know, this isn't typically me, but I'm telling you when the Red Demon shows up, I have no idea what will come out of my mouth or how many times I will roll my eyes! YIKES!  Another reason it was annoying is because Jed and R were getting ready to walk out the door and we were already 10 minutes late and he ALWAYS tells me stuff right before one of us is walking out the door, so we can't really talk about it. For example:
Me: Have a good day; I love you. (As I am grabbing my coat)
Husband:Oh hey we are completely out of cereal. (I don't eat cereal, it is his responsibility to tell me when they are LOW).
Me: I was just at the grocery store yesterday. Fine I will swing by the store AGAIN. SIGH!!!!!! (as I shut the door)
Husband: I win (I don't know that he says that, but in my head he does!!!)
SO ANOTHER QUESTION - WHY ARE MEN SO DARN ANNOYING??? I love my husband dearly, but he drives me CRAZY at times. Like, he NEVER packs his own luggage unless he is going on a business trip.  Why do I have to pack for him?? I don't think I will ever know the answer to this.  But he gets super pissed if I forget his socks or something like that. Or Why does it take him so long in the shower?? We take about the same length of showers and I have a shit ton of hair and he doesn't! So I wash and condition my hair every day, he doesn't.  This doesn't add up. I seriously can wash my hair and shave my legs in the same amount of time it takes him to take a shower, where he does nothing but soap up. This is mind boggling and annoying, especially when we are running late.
Also, his farting drives me crazy and he knows this. Do you think he could be mature about it, NO! He just thinks it is even more funny.

Any ways, this is all part of the Red Demon talking. I am telling you, she isn't very nice. But it is what I'm dealing with right now. By Friday I will be back to normal, so don't call or text until then. Just joking!
In other news, I bought a 10 cleanse from Advocare and I think I'm going to start this on Monday. I haven't decided on whether or not to do this. Before you get all preachy on me, this is what the cleanse entails:
- Drink a fiber drink in the morning (they provide this)
- Eat clean
-try to stay away from starchy carbs (this will be the hardest for me)
- don't drink alcohol or soda or coffee (i'm not 100% on the coffee part, but i'm pretty sure you can't have coffee)
- Eat 5-6 small meals a day.
That is about it. I have been watching my carb intake.  I am trying the whole low carb day and high carb day, so I'm not sure if this is the right time to try this.  I'm still up in the air about it. I will still get to work out.  This isn't one of those cleanses where all I drink is lemon juice or something crazy like that.  I eat good clean food all day long and still have plenty of energy to work out.  So why should I do this?? Well this will get rid of most of the toxins in your body and it should help with the cravings of processed food (aka bad carbs). I thought this might help me in the long run. Who knows. Like I said, it is something I am thinking about doing it.  If I do it, you will get to hear about it! I will be your guinea pig! LOL No seriously, a lot of people do this and have GREAT results, if you can stick to the eating clean part and staying away from all the other junk.
Well I hope you all have a good week. Mine will be better once the Red Demon leaves!! I seriously can't wait to get back to normal, I hate knowing I'm like a grenade just waiting to explode!

Have a good week folks!

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