Monday, February 10, 2014

The attack of the killer cold

I am just going to come out and say "I. HATE. COLDS." I am basically a wimp when it comes to colds. Yes, I am still working.  But that is pretty much all I am going to get done today. But this cold got me to thinking, R had this cold last week and he was a champ. Yes he had a running nose, sneezes, cough, etc. But he didn't sit around the house whining about his cold (although it could have explained why he was whiney in general last week.) No, he was up running around like a wild Hyena.  I mean seriously, there isn't much that slows that boy down. So why is it hitting me so hard??

So then I started to think about when I was a child and I am pretty sure I was the same way.  Colds just didn't effect me like they do now. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I have decided that I need to have that child like attitude/energy what ever you want to call it and get over this stupid cold.

And as always, I turn to Carbs when I'm feeling icky. I had pizza this weekend and chips and bread.  I loved it ALL. And today I feel pretty darn horrible and had to come to work, I know I know, so sad. But I wasn't hungry for breakfast so I didn't eat anything, so then for lunch I decided to go grab a sandwich.  But I didn't stop there, I grab a bag of chips and a soda(diet). After I had my delicious sandwich, I dug into my chips. Let me mention that I am working while I was eating this and I had to keep wiping my hands off after each handful of chips because they were greasy. Then as I'm stuff my face of chips I realize that if someone saw me at this moment, it wouldn't be my prettiest moment. And then I thought if I really was enjoying them and the answer was No.  It was just something to eat. So why am I still eating them?? I still had no answer. So I closed up the bag and put the bag away. So from here on out, I'm not allowing my COLD to dictate what I'm eating. I am also hitting the gym tomorrow morning.  I will go to bed early tonight and then get up early tomorrow.  My goal is to get a total of 8 hours of sleep.

So the next time I get ready to eat something I KNOW I shouldn't be, I am going to ask myself a few questions:

Are you enjoying this?
Is this worth the guilt you will feel later?
Will this make you feel BETTER (Emotionally and physically)?
Why are you eating this??
Where did this come from??

I really like the last 2 questions.  Why? and Where? I like the question "Why" because it helps me figure out what is causing me to grab this particular item.  Most of the time it is convenient, I am WAY to hungry (I didn't snack like I should have), and I'm tired (which means, I'm too tired to think of a healthier solution).  So next time I know a similar situation is going to arise, I can make sure I have a healthier snack near by or bring a shake with me. SOMETHING ANYTHING, IS BETTER THAN EATING POTATOE CHIPS!!

And the "where" questions. I like this one because it get me thinking.  Where did this REALLY come from?? And if the answer is, I don't know.  Then I probably shouldn't be eating it. This is to help me look at the big picture.  I also think if I can get rid of all of this junk, then I won't get sick like I am now. So there is that too.

And this wouldn't be a post by me if there wasn't some random crap in it.

- I have to run a half marathon in less than 3 months and I'm really behind on my training. That is one of the BIG reasons for going to the gym tomorrow.

-I bought a bunch of stuff to try juicing (and borrowed a juicer from a friend) and I have not tried.  Yep, I am being a chicken and LAZY.

- I joined a diet bet and I have to weigh less than 169.9 by 2/28/2014 to get my $20.00 back. YIKES, I need to get serious.

-My new favorite show is "New Girl" and that could be a bad thing for me. I would love to just sit on the couch and watch that all day long. Instead I should be doing house work or working out. Plus at night I like to watch it on my ipad which means I Don't go to bed like I should.

- I have mentioned that I baked muffins.  I don't like to bake, but I freaking baked for my child. They are pretty darn good too. I have done this TWICE now and for 2 weeks my child has NOT had a store bought muffin. I call that a win!

Adios people, I hope you are having a good week. Mine will get significantly better once Wednesday gets here.  The weather is suppose to be in 40's.  FREAKING HALLELUJAH!! I might get to run outside this weekend! :)

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