Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend recap

It is Monday folks!! What you aren't excited that your weekend is over?? Okay me neither.  I would rather be at home snuggling with R. Ohhh who am I kidding, that kid doesn't cuddle anymore, but you know what I mean.

Friday night we (all three of us) went to a friend's birthday party.  You know you are old when you go to a friend's party and there are more kids than adults. It was a good time though, it is nice when you go somewhere with your child and he isn't the old child. It is nice to be surrounded by other parents as well because they have the same frustrations as you do and you can joke about them after having a few drinks!!

Then on Saturday we had a few friends over to make some healthy recipes that we have all been looking at.  I did some pretty basic things, but I tried a spicy quinoa salad and a cheesy spaghetti squash.  I got the recipes off the Internet, of course! is where I got the recipe for the spaghetti squash.

(these are not my pictures, I totally forgot to take any, but it did look pretty similar to this)

Once again, I did not take a pic of my salad. Sorry!!
This is where I got the recipe for the salad 
not my pic. sorry :( this is where my friend Natalie got this Cod recipe.  Let me tell you, the cod was really good.  I really liked it and I am NOT a fish person.  I will be making this sometime soon. The asparagus was really good too.  The spaghetti squash was pretty tasty too, but I should have cooked it alittle longer. The quinoa salad was pretty good as well, it was a little different, but I liked it.  I brought it with me for lunch today!!
I also learned that I really like this:

OMG, this stuff is freaking good. I drank the whole bottle in one evening. I will definitely be purchasing this in the future.  It is a sweet white wine, give it a try. 

So on Sunday we got back to normal. I did a bunch of laundry (BOOO!!!) and we got back to P90X.  We almost didn't work out, R didn't want to fall asleep until almost 9:45 and I was so frustrated that I almost said forget it.  But we (okay, I ) NEEDED to workout, we hadn't done anything since the previous Monday!! After doing plyometrics (a P90X disc) we decided that a 5 day break is not recommended when doing P90X. We were out of shape, already!! It didn't help that we were sick for most of the week and we had a freaking fire (literally a fire in the fire place) burning in the same room.  But afterwards at 10:45ish we were both really glad that we worked out. We felt even better about the decision the next morning. So note to self: DON'T TAKE TOO BIG OF A BREAK FROM P90X!!

We also made another ATV/UTV purchase:
Yeah my little guy got his first motorized 3-wheeler. Yeah that might make us a redneck, but I don't care. He is in love with it!! I am not a big fan of the punisher skulls, but those can be removed or painted over. He is a little too small to really ride it yet, but we are hoping this summer or fall he might be ready.  Until then, his father will enjoy riding it, so lets hope it makes it to this summer or fall!!! AND YES HE WILL WEAR A HELMET WHEN RIDING IT!! We haven't completely lost our brains and I would like my son's to remain unharmed after riding the 3-wheeler. 

So all in all, we had a good weekend. I did get some cuddles:
 Look at that smile, wouldn't you want to spend all day with him?? I guess a girl has to work too, it makes those moments all the more special :)

See y'all on Wednesday, I think I will start weighing in on Fridays because that is when I will hook up with my link-up buddies again!! So who knows what I will write a novel about on Wednesday!!


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