Friday, March 29, 2013

Link up and stolen hats

Whewwwww!!! The last couple of days have been busy ones and this weekend will busy as well.  I like it!! First I am doing my link up today.
Well I said I would weigh in on Fridays because I am doing my Fat to Fit link up and today I weighed, 172.4. Booya!! I love when the scale goes down and NOT UP!! I also want to add that when I stepped on the scale I had wet hair.  I usually weigh myself before I take a shower and this morning I completely forgot to do it and I almost said screw it, but in the end I got on that stinking scale and Ta Da, a lower number. YAY!!! I did not want to get on the scale for a few reasons, but my biggest one was the concert that I went to last night and the wine and beer that I drank. 

Jason Boland and the Stragglers. Good times!!!
But it was a good time. I went with my husband and our roommate.  I tried to take some pics with my hubby and they turned out horrible, oh heck I will share one with ya any ways.
My husband ALWAYS takes a good pic, me on the other hand, not so much.
Fun was had by all. Especially me!! I danced, I hooted and hollered, I chit chatted with friends that I haven't seen in a while, I invited people to go on a Warrior Dash with me, and I stole a guys hat.  Yep, you read that right.  I stole a hat and then I did this to it.

Jason Boland's signature
Some of y'all are asking, why did you steal a hat? Well, I do stupid stuff when I am drunk. I actually know the guy who I stole it from and I thought it was funny at first. But then I needed something for JB to sign and well, it just happened. So the kid (I call everyone a kid, he is not a kid. He is my age) thought I was going to give it back, WRONG.  I, of course, took it one step further and told him if he beats me at the 5K on Saturday then he can have it back. He was planning on running it anyways, so I thought I would give him a little bit more motivation.  Was it my place to give him motivation? No, but I did it anyways. But it didn't end there.  He was pretty sure I was NEVER going to give him his hat back, but I will, so he wanted something of mine in return.  So I handed over my button down denim shirt.  Yeah I looked like an idiot. Don't worry folks, I had a sequin tank top on underneath it. But that tank top is a little big and I HATE showing my arms so I felt naked and looked goofy. So now, if I beat him in the 5K I will get my shirt back which I really like BTW.  Oh did I mention that it was signed by JB too.  So if the pressure wasn't on before it is now! Matt, I am going to kick your arse this weekend in the 5K!!! Say goodbye to your hat!!
On Wednesday afternoon I did some of this:
See I told you I was getting some muscles. And yes I am showing my arms, but only to show you the muscles.  I will be wearing some kind of cardigan over the tank top when I wear it again. I seriously hate having exposed arms, I just don't like my arms right now :( One day that will get better I know. Baby steps!
I ended up getting all of that stuff and I wore the pants in the top pic yesterday.  What do you think of them? I had to step out of my comfort zone for those. You can't tell in the pic, but they are black with white polka dots. They are also short which I realize is the style, but I felt weird all day yesterday wearing them. I will say that they didn't fall off and weren't frumpy so I was happy with that.
So Saturday is the BIG day.  I run my first 5K!!!!! I am pretty freaking nervous. I really want to finish it and NOT walk. I know it won't be a record setting run, but if I make it to the finish line I will be happy!
So with NEVER having run a 5K before I went ahead and signed up for another one!!!! Yeah, the Color Me Rad officially has my registration money and I am running with my some of my cousins. Then I put on facebook that I am going to run/participate in the Warrior Dash in KC on April 27th.  If you are bored that weekend you should come join me. So yeah, I might be a little insane, but I am truly enjoying the ride so far. I guess I am scared that if I slow down then I will stop all together and I don't want that. So here is to more 5Ks and a couple Warrior Dashes.
Folks have a good weekend.  I am really looking forward to mine.  On Monday I will let you y'all know how I did. And if I seriously see an Easter Bunny I will freak out.  I don't do mascots or people dressed up in animal costumes. UGGGGG I hate them. Actually, maybe I should pay someone to run behind me wearing an Easter bunny costume, then I might break some records. LOL But seriously I hate stuff like that, I freak out. One time we went to Red Robin in Colorado and I spent most of the time in the bathroom because that stupid bird scared me. You can't see who is in those costumes and that freaks me out. So now you know a little bit more about me! Adios muchachos.


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