Friday, March 22, 2013

Bad Choices and Link up

First I want to say HAPPY FREAKING FRIDAY!! We made it another week!!

Secondly I had 3 donuts yesterday and a bottle of chocolate milk and it was freaking amazing.  Then for supper I had Martinelli's with my awesome husband, R was at home with a babysitter eating waffles, his loss, who am I kidding, that kid wouldn't have eaten anything!! Any who, I had some delicious egg plant Parmesan. I have NEVER had that before and it was pleasantly surprised, I would definitely eat that again. I realize all of this was not good/healthy to eat, but I think I needed just a bad day. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS THOUGH. But the whole healthy eating thing has just been on my mind some much that I needed to blow a whole day out of the water and today I am looking forward to getting back on track :) One day of bad eating is going to ruin all your hard work as long as you can make better choices the next day. Today I feel like a new woman.  I am also going to participate in my FIRST link up!! People be patient with me, I have NEVER done this. But I think it will help me get back on the right path. Two of the ladies hosting this link-up I am familiar with, I have been reading their blogs for a while now.  The other lady (Jenna) I am new to her blog, but I look forward to getting to know her :)

One of the requirements of the link-up is to talk about how I stay motivated. Well to be honest, y'all help me stay motivated.  I am constantly getting encouragement from y'all and that is so helpful.  I have also been told that I have inspired some of you and that is HUGE.  For those that have told me this, I don't want to let you down. I don't want to be a Kristy Alley (which I think she has lost weight and kept it off, but I don't know.  I don't have time to keep up with Kristy Alley) and make promises of losing weight to only gain weight. Another thing that keeps me motivated are my clothes.  They keep getting bigger and bigger, which is AWESOME.  I have yet to buy a lot of new clothes because I am a little scared this is all a trick my husband is playing on me and when I get to the store I will have realized that I am much bigger than I think.  It is so true when you hear people say "I still don't see myself skinny/smaller, I still see myself as big/fat." I find this weird because for years I never thought I was as big as I was, I kept seeing myself as the 120lb girl that I was in high school.  Until I saw pictures and then I would be like "Holy Cow, who is that girl?" and that girl would be me. Funny how things change.
Lastly, what keeps me motivated is my son. I really want to take him to the swimming pool this year and to be comfortable in a bathing suit. Last year I avoided the swimming pool completely. I blamed it on R's tubes in his ear, but really I didn't want to put on a swimming suit. Isn't that sad??? I don't want R to be unfamiliar with swimming because his mom has "weight issues". So that stops now!!!
So there you have it. I don't want you guys/gals to think that I fluff things, this is me! These are my true feelings, concerns, and struggles. People tell me that they are so impressed that I am doing P90X (which I have not done since Monday because of this stupid cough/cold), but people I am just a girl (I guess I should say woman) trying to get fit. Nothing more. I have an amazing husband that puts up with my whining during P90X. He motivates me (crap, I should have added him to my list of motivation, oh well I am adding that now). Without my husband I honestly don't know if I could do P90X. He pushes me and encourages me when I need it.  He also irritates the hell out of me at times, for example:
Husband: You are not suppose to bend your legs (But what I hear, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG, STRAIGHTEN YOUR LEGS!!)
Me:  If I could do it without bending my legs then I (insert the F bomb here) would!! (Then I would have thoughts of kicking him in his straight legs!!!)
So yes we have our moments, probably more than I would like to recount, but he also is incredibly encouraging and helpful.
Adios!! That is about the extent of my Spanish speaking abilities, LOL. Have a good weekend and stay warm, it is suppose to get pretty darn cold!!


  1. I am visiting from the link-up! haha I love your husband quotes, girl I feel the exact same way! haha! ALso I agree about having a blog/reading blogs for the motivation! I havent worked out all week either! Good job on the big clothes, thats the best feeling EVER!!! We all need cheat days, sont beat yourself up! the important thing is you hopped back on the wagon!

  2. Ashlee, Thanks for stopping by!! I haven't had a chance to look at the other blogs yet, but I WILL, I am looking forward to it!!

  3. Hi Jessica! Who's your newest follower? Me! I have an entire drawer full of swimsuits and I'm too disgusted with myself to put one on. You're definitely not alone. But that son of yours, well, that's probably the best reason of all! I look forward to getting to know you! Good luck!


  4. Awesome Amber, Thanks!! I honestly get a little giddy when I get a new follower :) I hate swim suits, but I am hoping that will change by this summer.