Monday, March 11, 2013

So this week isn't starting out too hot!

I am going to be short with this post, I have a headache the size of Texas and it is putting me in a fog today. Not how I wanted to start the week off, but whatever.

I had a GREAT time at the wedding this weekend. I ended up wearing the green dress, but I bought a short black cardigan style sweater instead of the white.  I had black shoes and I knew it would bug me if I wore a white jacket without the white shoes. But thank you on all the compliments last week.  You guys really know how to make a girl feel special!

 Any ways, the wedding was beautiful and my cousin Kelsey was stunning. I love her husband and I know that they will have a beautiful life together.
My cousin taking time out to hold my little guy (well he isn't that little any more, but he always will be to me, sniff, sniff!)

R LOVES Sean.  They are best buds! He is really lucky to have both Kelsey and Sean in his life!

R playing under the wedding party's table.  He liked the lights and then he found some shoes.  You will notice he is not wearing his.  He thought it was fun to sprint around the receiption hall without them! He wore us out!!
Okay this one is NOT from the wedding. But isn't he such a cheeseball. I love that little superman!!

Before we left on Sunday we were told that interstate was closed and we would not be able to get home. We looked outside and sure enough it had snowed.  Our hotel was close to the interstate and we could see people going down it.  So the hard headed people that we are, we packed up and headed East to Salina. It was scary at times, but we made it home. It wasn't the amount of snow that we received it was the wind that was blowing it around that made it difficult to see the road. Of course this also made the roads very icy.  So we took it slow and made our way home. And today the sun is shining and the snow will be gone before we know it :) The weather should be significantly better this week, I might even try to run outside.  But as you know KS weather it will be sunny one day and a blizzard the next, so I don't have high hopes for much out door running ; )

I hope y'all have a good week. On Wednesay I will post my weigh in and then I might talk about something that has nothing to do with fitness or healthy eating, but it has been on my mind lately.  Just as a heads up.



  1. It was great seeing you at the wedding! Reid is too cute!

  2. Teresa it was good to see you guys too. Thanks, I think he is pretty cute :) Your kids aren't too shabby either. Jolie is so sweet and Waylon is a cutie too!