Friday, March 8, 2013

So what do I eat??????

I told you I would post what I eat, so here it is........................................................................

Breakfast - Toast with PB (peanut butter) and bananas... OMG I almost forgot the coffee I intake every day.  With a little bit of creamer.  I am really digging the vanilla and cinnamon flavored creamer.  Lay off people, this the only really unhealthy thing I let myself have.  One day I will decrease my creamer intake, but for now it is a HEAVENLY treat I have EVERY DAY!

Snack - Apple or some kind of fruit

Lunch - Turkey sandwich and I use a flat bread called Fold it, by Flat out.  I like it!! I put turkey, cheese, and a dab of Southwest Chipotle ranch on it. It is VERY YUMMY!! If you use strong flavored ingredients then you don't need a lot of it.  The cheese I  use is also Colby/pepper jack.  OMG, it is so good. I love that stuff. Then I usually bring some sweet pepper and they are pretty darn yummy too.

Snack - Apple or turkey and cheese. I am at work, I am not going to bring a bunch of crap.  I don't have space for it or time to plan out 3-4 meals while I am at work. I am lucky if I grab a banana or apple.

Dinner - This was one changes from night to night.  Last night we had lasgana, and I realize that isn't the healthiest thing.  But previous nights we had stuffed peppers with Turkey meat.  Another night we had a penne pasta with Turkey meat and whole wheat noodles.  So we are doing better.  My husband is even on board with most of what I make. Neither one of us were a fan of the penne pasta meal, but it was worth a try.

So there you have it.  That is what is going in my tummy on a regular basis.  NOW THE WEEKEND IS A WHOLE ANOTHER STORY!! I don't eat snacks.  Don't ask me why, I think it is because I have a crazy 2 year old running around and stopping to eat a snack is the last thing on my mind. So then by the time lunch or supper rolls around I am starving and I will eat anything!! Seriously people, ANYTHING! So i guess my real problem is snacking, I need to remember to snack!!

OHHHH if my calorie intake is pretty low for the day I will eat a banana and some PB after P90X. And if I think I am going to be running and doing P90X then I will make sure I have some PB with my apple during snack time. I do like to munch on nuts as well, HAHAHAHA.  Okay that was gross.  But I do like Kroger's mixed nuts and I try to get them with as little salt as possible. It seems like if I have a handful of those then I can make it to supper without eating a bunch of other stuff.

What I love about my house lately is that our fruit bowl is constantly being emptied and replenished. And our candy bowl looks exactly the same every day.  2 candy bars, a snickers egg (from last year's easter, I should probably throw that away), a few rolos, and a few sucks from Halloween.  Okay I just decided I am getting rid the candy jar.  Most of it needs to be thrown away anyways.  Maybe I have a candy hoarding problem.  LOL.  We use to keep it stocked with fun size snickers, but we stopped buying those once we started P90X. And to be honest I don't miss them. I did purchase a Reeses peanut butter egg the other day and let me tell you, it was GLORIOUS!! But when i let myself have those treats they taste so much better than they did a year ago.  Why do you ask?? Well because they weren't special.  I ate them so much that most the time I didn't take the time to enjoy them. You know what I mean? So now I enjoy the little treats I let myself have.

I hope y'all have a good weekend. I am heading to Hays for a wedding.  My beautiful cousin Kelsey is getting married!! YAY!!! It should be a good weekend. Here are my two dress options.  what do you guys think??

I think we decided last night to go with the green one, but what do you guys think?? The black one has little white polka dots with some frillie stuff in the front.  I think that is why I am not crazy about it.  Either way, trying on clothes doesn't suck as much as it use to! I went down a size. Last September I put on an Extra Large and it BARELY freaking zipped up. Now my Large dress zips up perfectly and I have feel comfortable in it!! :) You got to enjoy the little things folks!! HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!

Oh I got to add this photo.  I liked this one, our PAT (Parents As Teacher) consultant took it at story time at the zoo.  I really like that program. 


  1. I think the green one is a great choice...although in the pics, you look GREAT in both of them! Have fun this weekend!!!

  2. Thank Kayla!! I really liked them when I bought them, but then I tried them on for Jed and I wasn't so crazy about them. But this was also right before we went to bed so I wasn't looking so hot!! LOL The pics I took earlier at store. so I might have to refer to them when I am making a choice and not the image I have in my head from last night.

  3. You look great! I agree with the green. And, I'm totally amazed that any type of chocolate can last that long in your house. I can't even have it in my house, or I obsess about it until I eat it!

  4. Thank Jamie! I ended up wearing the green one. I just don't keep chocolate that I like in the house ;) If we had our candy bowl full of reese peanut butter cups then they wouldn't still be in there!! LOL