Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday's weigh in

Well this morning my scale said this:

So the scale continues to go down!! I Like that. I am a happy girl today!

Running update:  I ran 2 miles yesterday and it took 22 minutes and 12 seconds.  Not shabby.  I am not going to set any world records by any means, but the fact that I am running under 12 minutes a mile makes me a little happy. I need nice weather so I can run outside.

P90X update: We did Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps last night and boy oh boy did it kick my butt.  This is the one where we do a boat load of push-ups, BOO!! My body was already tired from running after work, but I knew I needed to push it during P90X. So I did the best I could and lifted heavier weights and didn't just give up on my push-ups. Don't get me wrong, I took breaks during our push-up portions, but I stayed with it. I really do not like push-ups.

For the first time I am starting to have people tell me that they can tell a little difference.  My mother said that she could tell in the sweater that I was wearing!! BOO YA!! Then my husband said that I was his disappearing wife (At first I was completely confused by this and had to ask what that meant) and he said that I am slowing disappearing on him, his way of saying I am getting smaller. YAY!!!! So it isn't all in my head!! But more than anything I am able to tell a difference.  The celulite in my legs is disappearing, my tummy isn't as big, and there are little tiny muscles in my arms!! But it is nice to hear other people say that they can tell a difference because it means that I am not making stuff up or reading too much into things. I still have a LONG way to go, but I want to enjoy these little things along the way.

My wonderful sister-in-law mentioned something about a Warrior Dash in Colorado and I told her let's do it!! It isn't until August, so we both have a while to train for it, but I am so excited. There is another one in Kansas City coming up in April and I am on the fence about whether or not I should attempt that one. I don't think I am any where close to doing that one. But I also think it would be fun and might tell me what I need to work on for the one in Colorado.  The one in Colorado has me a little concerned because of the altitude, so I know I am going to have to be ready for that one. Who knows, but I love the possiblities. I love the fact that I am excited about these kind of things again.  6 months ago I was so grumpy about anything physical because I was so out of shape and I didn't know where to begin. I would have NEVER signed up for Warrior Dash 6 months ago. I love that I am enjoying being athletic again.  I start softball this month and I am excited to see the difference from last year to this year.

Picture update:  I took some pics this morning, but they didn't turn out that good.  I need to either take them with my nice camera or find another room to take my pics. But I am hoping in the next week or two I will post some new pics.  I was pretty disappointed this morning when I couldn't tell a difference, but I think it has to do with the lighting and how far away I was from the mirror.  I will get it figured out though. 

Everyone have a good week, Friday will be here before you know it. Maybe Friday I will post some of my recipes that I have been making and you guys/gals can tell me what you think. Maybe I will post what I eat on a normal day.  You can check myfitnesspal app, but for those not on there this might be easier. What is your favorite healthy snack?? I am always looking for something new and yummy!!

I like these quotes becasue they are some of the main reasons I do P90X. I WILL SEE THE END OF WEEK 13!! 


  1. Keep it up! Its always nice to start seeing change!

  2. Thanks Teresa. It feels incredibily good to see that darn scale go down!!

  3. Congratulations, girl! You're kicking butt. Keep up the good work!