Monday, March 4, 2013

A bunch of Randomness

Is Randomness a word?? Well now it is!!

How was every one's weekend?? Well you all know that weekends are weakness, it is basically my kryptonite. This weekend takes the cake though!! I am guessing my weight on Wednesday is going to be in the 200 plus! I kid you not.  I ate like it was my last meal for every meal on Saturday. Don't ask me what happened?? I have no freaking idea. On top of that, I went to bed super early on Friday night and DID NOT work out. BOO!!! I know. I did do Yoga (P90X style) on Saturday before I headed to Great Bend for my father's birthday celebration. Also on Sunday we did do our Leg and back workout. But as far as eating healthy it just flew right out the window.  I also drank some brewskies (beer) on Saturday night so lets just say my calorie count was RIDICULOUS, I didn't keep track, I think myfitness app would have exploded on me. YIKES! So enough of that.  I am not going to think about it any more. It is Monday and I am back to my normal routine, oh how I love routine.

I have a wedding to attend on this upcoming Saturday and to be honest I was hoping to have lost ALL kinds of weight and just look outstanding for this wedding, but it isn't going to happen.  That isn't the reason I did any of this, but I remember at the beginning of P90X looking at the calendar and thinking this would come in hand; I wouldn't feel like a blimp at the wedding. Well this blimp is going to be at the wedding. Okay, I am being negative.  I know I don't look like a blimp, but I don't look near as good as I was hoping for. UGGGG. I hate being a girl sometimes. Because if I was a guy I would put on my regular wedding attire and not think about it again. But no, us girls have to look pretty and get all dolled up and then we still feel like a blimp. BOOO!!! So I am putting it all on here, on my blog and then I am NOT going to give it a second thought.  This is it folks. I am not going to worry about it again from here on out because I want to enjoy the day and not think about how I failed or could have done better.  It is what it is. And Yes, I know that I have not failed.  My journey is NOT over (I am guessing it never will be), but I was hoping to see better results at this point. Maybe I shouldn't eat like a horse on the weekends!!

Enough of the pity party!

On the positive note I was asked this weekend about being a beachbody consultant and I had to hold my laugh in. I have known this lady for a while now and she is just awesome and so inspirational. So it did feel like an honor to have her ask me. So I was honest with her and told her that I have been thinking about (which I have been,I don't tell y'all ALLmy deepest secrets, LOL), but that I really want to get through P90X first and then attempt Insanity next. If I get to that point I might consider it. The reason I am thinking about it is because I honestly do LOVE P90X.  I know crazy right!! But it has so much in it. There is cardio, weights, push-ups (i don't love push-ups), kick boxing, Yoga, and even some sports moves that I could have used in high school.  It just incorporates so much. different stuff.  Plus I like the challenge of it.  I have found that I really push myself during the workouts now. So what does this have to do with being a consultant?  Well, I want to help other people with their P90X journey.  I realize P90X isn't for everyone (but I seriously think anyone can do it!), so that is why I would like to try another one of their programs to see if I like the whole beachbody company. But I am pretty sure I will. So what do y'all think I should do?? Like I said I won't make any commitments until after I have completed P90X, but I would like to hear some feedback on this. 

Something else I have been curious about is Advocare. There are a few blogs that I read and they are doing a 10 day cleanse.  Now don't freak out, they are still eating their regular meals, but they are CLEAN meals. They posted their menus for the 10 days and I think it is totally do-able. But I am on the fence about it.  I have my doubts. I think I am going to see how their 10 days go and then think about it again.  But have ANY of you done a cleanse before?  If so, what was it and did you like it? Maybe if I did something like this, it would kick my butt into gear on the weekend?

Well that is all the randomness I have for y'all on this Monday. I hope your week started off better than mine.  My darling 2 year old decided he didn't want to get dressed this morning and threw a big fit.  FUN TIMES!!! And I wonder why I am ALWAYS late for EVERYTHING!! Okay, it isn't his fault all the time, I do have this big problem called PROCRASTINATION!!

I really didnt' have any good pictures to share with y'all so I am going to leave you with this one!
Have a good week everyone! 

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