Friday, June 28, 2013

What's with the socks

If you are my facebook friend then you saw this pic of me

And I will say that I felt like a BIG dork. Here is what happened.

When I leave in the morning I have my gym bag with me and it has EVERYTHING I need in it. So right after work I hustle over to the gym to get my twerk on. So I get to the gym yesterday and get all "gymed" up and start to look for my socks when I remember that I didn't pack any. OH CRAP!!! Folks, it was over 100 degrees yesterday and you better believe that I was wearing sandals to work therefore no socks to even begin with. DOUBLE CRAP!  So I look in my bag one more time and find my compression socks that I bought for my shin splints. Now I have a decision, do I wear these goofy looking socks (with my capri compression pants that go down to my knees!) or do I call it a day and go home. I sat in that locker room for probably 5 minutes trying to make up my mind. And then I said to myself "Self, who in this gym is really going to give a rats ass what you look like?" and the answer was NO ONE. So I put on those ridiculous socks and I did my work out. Yes I got some funky looks and I'm pretty sure I made a couple of girls laugh, but you know what?? I feel a lot better today knowing that I did my workout yesterday. I don't feel like a bum today!

Also, I am about 99% sure I had those socks on backwards.I think the red line is suppose to go on the back of my calf.  Yeah, I pretty much rock the gym fashion world. Maybe Nike is looking for a new model??

And that is the story behind the socks.

On other related news my child is feeling better. He kept down his dinner and is at day care today!! YAY!! Well maybe I shouldn't get too excited yet, it is still early in the day. But he slept really good last night and he only threw up once yesterday and that was in the morning.  And yesterday evening Jed got new glasses.  The glasses thing is a freaking miracle. Jed's glasses looked like they were from 1970 and made him look goofy. Actually I think Kip from Napoleon Dynamite might have stolen Jed's style.

So needless to say, Jed needed new glasses. I will need to remember to take a pic of him wearing his old glasses and then a pic of him wearing the new ones so you guys can truly understand what I have been dealing with for the past 2-3 years!! Oh, he does have contacts so he doesn't wear his glasses all the time, but believe me he does wear them in public and if you see him today or probably most of next week you will get a good look at those suckers.

Have a good weekend!! We made it through another week, YAY!!! See ya on Monday.

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