Friday, June 21, 2013

Jessica vs. Technology

So I posted earlier this week how I was trying to get my playlist updated from when the cave men walked the earth (okay not THAT long ago, but it freaking feels like it). Remember how I didn't get that accomplished before my race, well I decided that I would try again last night. But let me back up just a little bit. This week I have been running on fumes, I haven't been sleeping the best and EVERY single night this week I have said, "I am going to bed early tonight!!" But then laundry, dishes, projects get in the freaking way and I am up later than I normally do.  So this brings me to last night, I decided I would go to bed early, but then I saw my lap top and I thought "well, I will play with it for 15 minutes and then go to bed." HAHAHAHA, yeah right.
I have ZERO patience when it comes to my computer!

I open my lap top and I update my itunes because it says I need to and most of my music is missing. So I figure, if I update it then all my music will magically return. IT didn't!! UGH!!!!!!!

So what is a girl to do??? OH GOOGLE HOW I LOVE THEE!! So I googled all my problems and I tried a few things, but nothing was making it better. STUPID LAP TOP, STUPID ITUNES!!

Iphone, same freaking thing!!

Fast forward to an hour later and I'm still googling crap and I'm still not any further than I was when I began this project. I finally find something that says I have put some stupid word in my administer thing (it looks like gibberish and the place I have to type this gibberish at is scary because it is all 1980's looking and I have ZERO idea of what the hell I am doing!). But I do it and I cross my fingers that I didn't give my computer the worst virus ever. And.............................................. IT WORKED!!  My music was back!!!

But wait there is more!! So how do I get my new music from my phone to my itunes on my computer so I update my playlists??? Hummmm..... so I return to good ole Google. Let me remind you, that this is at about 11:50 p.m. So I think I figure it out (because google told me) and I give it a try, but it is scary because I have to take transfer the music to my itunes on the computer (which I hate and don't trust), this will then REMOVE all my music from my phone, but it should be on my crappy computer!! So after I do that I will then make my play list on the computer and THEN sync my phone to my computer which should return ALL my music and updated kick ass play lists to my phone. UGH!!!! who comes up with this crap, don't they know it is 2013 and this shit should be easier by now!!! So I do it!! and guess what happens next?????

TA DA!!! I GOT IT!!! Now I have a work it out play list on my phone and I can lift like a boss now!!! Well, at least now I have the music that should help me lift like a boss. AWWWWWW (angels singing!!). I felt like I had won the lottery.

That was short lived because shortly afterwards Jed comes in and tells me that I have a hole in my tire and that I should STOP running over shit!! womp womp. One day, I will have everything go my way!!! LOL

Enjoy your weekend. Have some fun. Oh and look what color my toe nails are!! I am NOT a big pink (not the singer, but the color) fan, but I saw this color the other day and I thought, what the hell. I am not super excited about it, but who cares, it is just pink polish, it will come off if I really don't like it after I get over the shock of having pink toenails.
they are hot pink, but they look kinda orange in this pic. 

Also, I saw this on the scale yesterday (totally forgot to weigh myself this morning, it could be that I AM TIRED!!)

Have a good weekend and I will be back on Monday!!!

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