Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The "I Nevers" that I said before I had a child!!

Today I am blogging from at home. My little guy is sick.  I got myself ready this morning and got him ready and took him to daycare and we weren't there even 30 seconds and he puked all over. I feel so bad for him because he has only done this one other time and he doesn't understand what being sick is.  Sure the kid has had his fair share of ear infections and coughs (which leads to us using a nebulizer every stinking time), but those don't slow him down.  The kid just keeps on kicking, but this stuff has him down. We spent most the morning on the couch watching Octonauts, Superman, and Little Einsteins. He gets really upset after he throws up and it just breaks my heart because he has this look on his face that says "why is this happening to me??" I wish it wasn't, but I guess this is all part of growing up.

I finally got him down for a nap and I immediately got on the computer and bought him these
He is going through a HUGE superman phase right now. And you know what, his mom doesn't really have any issues with that!! 

Before I had R, I always said, "my kid will NEVER wear crocs, especially if I have a boy!"  Well now I am going to say this, there are things we said that we will NEVER do as parents and most of those things we said we would never do; we do them!! There are some things I haven't done that I said I wouldn't and one of them is giving him pop, the kid hasn't ever been giving a pop (soda/coke). I look back on some of those things that I said I would NEVER do and things change once you become a parents.  Sometime you give in because you are tired of their whining or crying. Sometimes you do things because it honestly makes them happy and you really can't come up with a reason to NOT give it to them (example: superman crocs). 

So as my little guy is laying in his bed taking a nap, I thought I will take back all of my "I NEVER" statements and just roll with it from here on out. I love that little obnoxious toddler and I will do what I have to do to make him happy even if it means superman crocs. LOL That doesn't mean I will give him EVERYTHING he wants, but on the things that I can't really come up with a good reason to NOT give him, well he will get those items. The croc thing is MY problem, not his. 

Well I am going to try to get some stuff done at the house while he rests. And when he wakes up I am sure the afternoon will be filled with more Superman, Octonauts, and Little Einsteins, but I am perfectly okay with that, because those things that make him happy and the little guy is sick. FYI - normally we are outside ALL the time and barely watch these things, so today is his day to be inside and watch HIS shows. Anyone have a secret to make him better?? I sure wish I could snap my fingers and have my little guy back to normal. 

See ya on Friday. 
a very crappy picture of the sunset at our house the other day.  The picture does it ZERO justice, but I wanted you to see what I get to see every evening!

R drug this out the other night, he HAD to have it out.  And yes it is the little people nativity scene. Who care that it isn't Christmas.  


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