Monday, June 24, 2013

The weekend - drinking, eating, exercising, blah blah!!

I had a great weekend and now I am freaking worn out. Friday started off pretty calm.  We just hung out around the house.  R of course wants to spend ever second outside so we spent most of the evening outside. R LOVES to play with the new kitties that we got a couple of weeks ago and I guess they will fit right into the family because one of them tried to do this:
ummm sorry kitty that is NOT for you! 

R got 3 kittens for his 2nd birthday, but those cats have slowly disappeared. It made me a little sad at first because R liked them so much and it gives him someone/something to play with outside. So we decided to get him 3 more and unfortunately one of them is gone, in my head I decided that he/she ran off. Country living can teach you some cruel lessons, but I am not ready to explain that to R yet. So until then, if he asks we will tell him they ran off. No need to go into anything more than that.

Maybe I should have called this post "catsofinstagram" LOL 

Then Saturday morning I got up and went to the gym. I took my own advice from last week and I wrote down what I wanted to do. It was either stupid hot in there or my workout was an efficient one because I was sweating like I have never sweat before!! Here is what I did.

do you like the emoji next to the calf rasies?  That made me laugh this morning when I saw that. 

I did 3 sets of 12-15 reps of all the exercises (except running and the elliptical). I did everything I listed  on there except for the Abs because I wasn't specific enough on my list and when it came time to do it I couldn't think of what I wanted to do.  So next time I will be more specific. The weighted pour glasses, I have zero idea of what it is actually called, but I think that is what it is called in P90X. It was nice because there was hardly anyone there and I could basically get on any machine I wanted or have any weights I wanted without waiting on anyone to finish up. 

I also saw this one the scale Saturday morning. 

That was a good motivator to get me to the gym!! So after the gym, I came home and took a shower and then R and I headed to Great Bend. Once we got there, we headed to their pool.  Their pool is PERFECT for toddlers, R had so much fun.  sorry no pics, I forgot my darn phone in the car!!

After the pool we headed back to my parents house and we got ready for the street dance. My Aunt and Uncle live in this little town called Albert (about 12 miles from Great Bend) and my grandma use to live there too, so we use to go to Albert a lot as kids. So when we heard that they are bringing back their street dances we thought we should all get together and go this year. We BBQed at my Aunt and Uncles house and let the little kids play.
there might have been a big kid involved at times!! Poor Sean!!

I ate pretty decent that night, I have some grilled chicken, fruit, a VERY small spoonful of baked beans, and one deviled egg. Not too bad. After we ate we headed down the street for the festivities. 
R played on the 3 wheeler for most the night until the very end and that is when he wanted to dance

Ohhh son, don't take after grandma in the dancing department! LOL 

The kid had a GREAT time and so did I. It is so nice to be surrounded by family and we genuinely like spending time together. I love nights like this. The next morning we decided to go to Vets (little lake in Great Bend) and fed the geese and R wanted to play. So he did a little of that.

Then we went to lunch in a little town called Aldean and they had a pretty good buffet.  And this is where I ended my good eating for the weekend.  The night before I turned down funnel cakes and a deep fried Oreo, but I couldn't turn down good home cooked fried chicken. To be honest I don't feel bad about that, it is the other crap I ate with it that I feel a little guilty about. Here is the after math.

Then add some good chocolate cake and yeah I abandoned my wagon yet again. And you know it wouldn't have been bad, but I ate like crap the whole day after that. I had chips, a sandwich from Schlozsky's, and a Dr. Pepper (I can't remember how long it has been since I had pop!).  It was all tasty, but not worth it.  I feel like I am having a food hangover today. But I am back on track. I had oat meal for breakfast and brought some grilled chicken with me to work for lunch. I did NOT weigh myself today because I already felt guilty about the food I ate, there is no reason to make myself feel worse. So back to my weekend.  I headed back home after my HUGE lunch. Once we got back to Salina, it was like it all finally hit me and I was exhausted. It took me everything I had to get through the day. And like I said I am still exhausted today, but it was totally worth it.  WE HAD A GREAT WEEKEND!! I hope you did too.  

If you have any questions about my workout just let me know and I can explain it a little better in an e-mail or if you are really lucky maybe I will take a video of me doing some of the moves!! 

Have a good week folks!! And if you are near Aldean, stop by Reece's cafe because they have some pretty yummy food, but don't stop if you plan on eating healthy. It is one of those places that you have to leave your healthy eating at the door! :) 

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Congratulations on your continued weight loss. It's not a surprise with workouts like that one. Love that R!