Monday, June 10, 2013

Running and GIVE AWAYS!!

Well it is another Monday. I like my work week because it means a schedule and routine.  I eat better during the week and I work out better during the week.  But this Monday I am just not feeling it.  I would rather be at home cuddling with my little guy and he was feeling pretty snuggley this morning so the chances of getting extra snuggles would have been in my favor. :(  Oh well. Life goes on. 

This weekend we had a pretty low key weekend at home. I had been sick on Wednesday and Thursday, so by Friday afternoon I was starting to feeling like my old self again and was on the fence about going to the gym.  In the end I went to the gym, but when I went to grab my head phones out of my gym bag this is what I found. 
yeah this is why you don't let your toddler play with your ear buds.  I am missing the black part that goes around the end so it doesn't hurt your ear and frankly sounds better. 

So at this point I was about to turn around and go home. But I was already changed and thought I better just get this done or I am going to be grumpy about it all weekend. So I did my workout. Then I went home and we did some of this. Or I should say I did some of this:

And yes I was the one who did the grilling. Some call me a grill master!! LOL

We grilled up some hamburgers (and yes I had beef) and tator tots and it was a pretty good meal. And yes I was the one who did all the grilling that night. I get tired of relying on someone else to get their butt in gear to grill so one night I turned on the grill and just did it by myself. I didn't burn it and it tasted pretty good, since then I haven't been afraid to grill. Once again comfort zones need to be broken from time to time. 

Saturday we were pretty lazy and had no real plans for the day. So around 11:00 a.m. I decided I would give running another try.  I felt like I needed to do something to get my body moving. I haven't really ran since the Color Me Rad 5K at the beginning of May.  I tried to run before memorial day weekend and I might have ran for 30 seconds and decided my shins hurt too bad.  So I was a little nervous about running this weekend, but my shin haven't been bugging me and the other weekend when I played softball they didn't hurt so I was hoping that they might be rested enough. The nice thing about living in the country is that you can stretch on the road and not worry about people running you over. I walked a little bit and then decided I would stretch and my gut instincts were to NOT do this, but then I thought who the hell cares?? So I stretched on the dirt road :) 
 not to shabby for a person who drank 6 beers the night before!! 

Yep, I ran over 2 miles and my shins didn't bug me at all. So I was pretty darn happy with myself. Running over 2 miles isn't too shabby for someone who hasn't ran in about a month! Also, my first mile pace was 9:38, that is the fastest I have ran a mile since I was teenager.  So when I heard the MapMyRun lady tell me I ran a mile in 9 minutes and 38 seconds I was pretty darn pumped to keep running. I will say that running on gravel is harder to run on than a road, but that is okay. I hope at some point this summer I can get to 3 miles running with jogging stroller too. I would like to be able to take R with me on some of these runs. Speaking of R, this is what I came home to after my run.

Now those are some work gloves!! LOL Jed said he (R) saw those in his room and decided that he needed to wear them. That kid cracks me up! 

On Sunday we debated about taking the RZR to the river in Great Bend (my home town) and do some riding, but by the time anyone could make up their mind it was too late.  So we stayed home and the plan was to get some work done around the house.  Instead we did this:

It is always nice when friends and family stop by for a quick visit and end up staying for supper and a ride!! So we didn't get as much done as we were wanting, but we had a good time. I got in some running and riding this weekend. Not a bad weekend if you ask me. 

I Do have some good news for y'all before I sign off. I will be having a GIVE AWAY on Wednesday. I am tagging up with a friend of mine and she agreed to give away some of her awesome stuff.  I will have more details on Wednesday (the day you can sign up).  So make sure you stop back by on Wednesday, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity!! 



  1. I used a pair of ear plugs for a month before I broke down and looked for the replacements pieces they came with!