Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fun challenges

Yep it is Tuesday and I am just now blogging. Oh well.

On Sunday evening I decided to join a 7 day challenge. It started on Monday. This awesome lady named Christie started the whole thing and there is no money up for grabs or a prize (unless you count your health as a prize, which I do depending on the day, lol) I almost didn't do the challenge. I have been in this funk and I thought if I fail another thing I am going to be on the verge of quitting everything. I didn't know if I cold handle another set back. Then I saw all this people joining and not only where they joining they were excited. So then I thought, this is only for 7 days. I know how to eat clean and I can exercise every day for 7 days, I CAN DO THIS. So here I am!

I weighed myself and I had gained even more weight, ugh. My challenge start weight was 172.2. Not a great number folks, I am so over the 170's. Done. Over it. Adios 170's. So this challenge really did come at the right time. So how did my Monday go? Well I had oatmeal for breakfast, then I had carrots and hummus ( btw, I am in love with the spicy 3 pepper hummus from Atheno, so freaking yummy and I am not a hummus fan), for lunch I had taco meat and a garden salad, for snack I had a quest bar, and second snack I had pineapple yogurt, and last but not least for dinner I had tator tot casserole with green beans. I didn't do so hot with the tator tot casserole but everything else was good! Not too bad for my first day. Oh and I went to Cardio kicks at the gym and that class kicked my butt. Whew, I forgot how much of a workout that was. I will be going again! So not too shabby for a Monday and a first day of a challenge.

Today I have a few other meals up my sleeve that I really want to try. If I get to them I will let you know how they turned out.

On Saturday I have my tough mudder. Insert, eeeeeccccckkkk face. But I don't think I am near as nervous as I was for my warrior dash. Why? Because I know I don't have to be a bad ass and to be honest there is NO WAY FOR ME TO BE A BAD ASS. Lol. I had so much fun doing the warrior dash that it didn't really matter what my time was. The weather should be great for this event; it will be a great workout; and I will get to see my cousins. All in all, this weekend can't go wrong. I am excited for Saturday to get here!!

Anyone else going on Saturday? Would love to meet up with some of ya if you are going to be there.


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