Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The early bird gets the worm!

So if you follow me on Facebook you know that my goal today was to get my butt up and go to a Cardio kick boxing class at my gym.  My good friend Peggy teaches the class.  I have gone to her class before (like before R was born) and it is a GREAT work out. But she just recently started to teach at my gym (her gym too). I want to support her so I thought I should get my butt up and go to her class. So I set my alarm.
do you like my alarm labels?? LOL

and I also had 2 people text me bright and early.So I really had no possible way of sleeping through the class. And yet, I STILL DID!!! ARGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Seriously, how did I do that?? Well here is what I THINK happened.  I always put the volume on my phone at 4 or 5 and that usually works.  But sometimes in the morning, it isn't loud enough to REALLY wake me up and hit the snooze button without realizing it.  I honestly think I hit the snooze button at least 3 times this morning.  And at 4 or 5 volume setting I totally didn't hear the text messages either. So needless to say I missed the class! UGH! This really makes me mad. But what can I do about it now?? So my goal is to get there next week and use a much louder volume setting on my phone.

I LOVE the idea of going to the gym in the morning, but so far I have only done it twice in my WHOLE life. I like the idea of getting it done first thing in the morning and then having the rest of the day to do what ever I need to do.  I would love to get off at 4:00 and run my errands or go pick up R from daycare early. Or if I was supper crazy, I could do 2 work outs a day on certain days of the week. Okay, that might be a little CRAZY! I also wish I could be one of those people who get up early on the weekends and get their workouts done so they don't skip out on the weekends. But I LOVE my sleep and it is hard to wake my butt up, just ask my mom.  She use to personally wake me up for school every morning and then when I went to College she use to call me to wake me up (well just that first week). But still, I am not a morning person. For those that are, how do you get up in the morning and how do you make yourself a morning person??

So what do I do now? Well, I am going to go to the gym at 4:00 again today and either go to another similar kick boxing class or just do a regular workout. I should go to the kick boxing class just because it is out of my comfort zone. The instructor is intense and intimidates me, but that is a good thing, right??? LOL

True story. 

Is anyone willing to do this for me next Wednesday?? 

Have a good Wednesday. We are almost to Friday folks!!!! YAY!!!!

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  1. I'm in my fifth week of 430am wakeup alarms!! I am totally used to it now, despite going to bed near 11 everynight. Its awesome to have the evenings with the family, my attitude has improved and I'm not cranky as much as before when I wasn't working out as much.

    You can do it!
    (I have a startling music tone to wake me up...and its across the room to force me out of bed to turn it off.)