Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish the sentence link up

I am going to do the link up today with Holly and Jake. No, it isn't really fitness related, but heck, but I am sure you gals/ guys (who am I kidding no guys read this) could use a break from reading about how I go to gym and eat food. 


If I had one extra hour in the day, ummmmm I would sleep or clean house or weed my garden. Crap, I have a lot of stuff I need to do so scratch the sleeping. :(

I wish my name was Jennifer so people would call me by the right name.  Yeah, when ever I meet someone new, the next time I talk to them they call me Jennifer. I guess I look like a Jennifer.

I think anything chevron is...cute, I don't wear it, but there are several things with Chevron on it that I would love in my house. Like a bright and pretty chevron rug would be so AMAZING! I would probably decorate the whole room around that rug. 

My last nightmare...involved me roaming around without my glasses or contacts.  See I have REALLY bad eyes and if you take away my glasses/contacts I can't see who I am talking to, everyone turns into a BIG BLOB. So it is my biggest fear to lose my contacts and glasses. If you see me walking around like a zombie then you know my worst nightmare come true, eeeeekkkkk. 

Sometimes... I wish I had a magic genie. Okay that is all the time that I wish I had a magic genie. 

My last meal on earth would be tacos from Ensenada Mexico. YUMMMMM. 

I would much rather be in a small town in Kansas than in any big city in California/New York/basically any big city.

Mayonnaise makes a sandwich, without it, you might as well call it quits. I don't want a stupid sandwich without the mayo on it. You can feed that crap to the dogs if it doesn't have mayo and I will probably throw a fit if you give me a sandwich without mayo on it.But lets get real, NO ONE is going to make me a sandwich, I am the sandwich artist in my household. I know, can you feel my pain??  

10 years ago, I can't freaking remember 10 years ago.  I was young and carefree. I didn't care about much other than myself, my fiance (soon to be husband), and what ever alcoholic beverage I had in my hand. Those were the days. 
Selfishly I want to go on a big trip with just girls, like go to Mexico or something cheap but fun and NOT bring my family. Yeah Yeah, that probably won't happen. 

My favorite show on TV right now, NOTHING.  I am not into anything right now, I think TV sucks right now. I'm not a fan of big brother (never have) or the Bachelorette or anything like that. So TV pretty much sucks right now. Talk to me again when The Walking Dead starts back up.  

And, George Zimmerman, (insert big SIGH) I believe got off too easily. He shot someone and that person is dead. He is not part of the police department I don't believe that he had the right to take someone else's life because he BELIEVED that person was guilty of a crime. That is all I have to say about that.  Now lets discuss whether or not I should get an IPhone 5 or wait around and see if they are going to come out with an IPhone 6 in the near future.  Any suggestions?!?!?! Yeah I don't like talking about serious stuff when I could be talking about a potential new phone!! LOL 

Have a GREAT THURSDAY. But seriously, what phone do you think I should get?!?!? 

PS, if you are new to this blog.  Please don't take EVERYTHING I say on here seriously.  I don't like to be THAT serious. 

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