Thursday, January 23, 2014

Daycare fiasco update

So if you read my blog from last week you know that we were fired from daycare on Thursday of last week. 

So on Friday Jed and I went to the daycare center that I had talked about. And we both walked out of there thinking that this really all happening for a reason because the center is GREAT! So we arranged for R to start on Monday. They handed me a huge enrollment form (it was seriously like 10 pages long) and a January flyer. I got to looking at all the information and instantly got an anxiety attack. The first week there he would need to bring a sack lunch, show n tell, and have pictures. Okay so things just got real. My kid has activities now!!!! I have to keep track of all this crap, I mean stuff. I don't want to be the mom that forgets to bring his sack lunch on the days they don't provide lunch (which doesn't happen very often) or forget to have him bring his show n tell toy/item. So now my calendar is all color coded with R's stuff. Oh boy! I feel like he is turning into a big kid over night and I don't like it!!! Stay my baby!!! 

On top of all the activities that I had to keep organized, this whole center thing is a HUGE change for R! I was really concerned that he would have a hard time adjusting. I had a hard time sleeping all weekend just wondering if we made the right decision and mad that we even had to make this decision.  

So come Monday morning I was a wreck!!! I was so nervous for him. I tried to prep him all weekend but you could tell he wasn't really paying attention. So when we showed up to the center he FREAKED out. I stayed there for 5-10 minutes while the teacher showed us around (stuff like where the bathroom was and his new cubby) then they said it would be easier if I left. I did not want to leave but I knew they were right. It broke my heart to leave him. He was crying and asking to go home. Once I gave him to the teacher I pretty much ran out of there, I couldn't handle it!! 

So I waited about an hour and a half to call them. When I did she said he cried for 5-10 minutes after I left but then did fine after that. Once he got comfortable around the other children he started to play with them and have FUN!! 

When we picked him up that day he said he had fun and wanted to go back! Of course the next day when Jed dropped him off he didn't want to get out of the car at first but once he got him out of the car he did fine. And yesterday he did excellent. 

So all in all he is adjusting just fine. When i pick him up he is excited to see me but is excited to tell me about his day. He seems to really enjoy it!! I am glad this is all working out.  

I even remembered his sack lunch on Monday and his show n tell toys yesterday. So I would say that this is all turning out to be a positive thing.

This weekend we need to go buy a book bag for him but other than that he is all set. But it is amazing how much older he seems already and that part is fun and sad all at the same time. 

I remember when he would grab my finger and you could still see most of my finger. That isn't the case anymore :( I wish time would slow down. 

He thought this was just AWESOME. I wasn't so thrilled about it, but he had fun. He thought the cones were like road cones that needed to be raced around. He made car noises the whole time. I know it is going to be these moments that I miss the most when he is older. 

Also....... Yesterday I kept up with my re-dedication! 
And today has been going in the same direction. This makes me happy happy happy!!! 

I hope you all are having a good week! If I am really on top of my game, I will post tomorrow as well. 3 posts a week (one of my NY's resolutions) 

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  1. Great news on the daycare!!! It really is eye-opening when the kids switch from one environment to another and we realize what they thrive in! and good for you guys with the adjustment!