Thursday, August 1, 2013

What day is it??

Okay seriously, staying home isn't the worst thing ever, but it does take some adjustments. This is what I have learned in a week!

  • What day is it? It is easy to forget what day it is. Yesterday I swore it was either Tuesday or Thursday.
  • I no longer NEED to dress up. This is odd for me because I am use to wearing business casual five days a week! So I have been wearing a lot of work out clothes :)
  • I find myself getting bored even though I have a ton of stuff to do. It just feels weird to be at home this much. And time goes much faster at home, before I know Jed is coming home from work. Where did the day go?
  • I cook A LOT now. Breakfast, lunch, dinner! Geesh, do we really need to eat that much?? Plus I am still trying to eat every 2-3 hours, so I feel like all we do is eat and then I clean up our mess from eating. Seriously this is all we do all day long.
  • I get to workout WHENEVER! This is odd to me. I am so use to trying to squeeze it in and following a schedule and now I am having to work hard to remember to workout. Isn't that weird? But I love the fact that R is at the gym daycare and that I can go grab him whenever. I still keep my workouts to an hour, but I get a full hour to myself. Normally I would have to leave at 45-50 into my workouts.Plus R LOVES it there! That is a huge plus!
  • When you are sore from returning to the gym after a week from being sick, it is hard to keep up with your 2 year old! Lol.
  • I have taken a shower at all different times of the day. The days I go to the gym I try to take one at R's nap time. But there has been a day or two that I have taken a shower early in the morning before R wakes up. I have also taken my daily shower at night. This is odd for me because I have ALWAYS take my shower at 6:30ish in the morning. This is taking some adjustments.
  • This has become my office
And this is my new boss

no complaints yet!! Let's see if this boss will "lay me off"!! I highly doubt it! Lol

Well that is it for today. We are off to the park!!



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  1. "And time goes much faster at home, before I know Jed is coming home from work. Where did the day go?"

    This always happens to me! Lol.

    I know for us, when I got laid off, once I started getting my unemployment check, it almost seemed as if I got a raise to stay home on a "vacation." Not driving to Lincoln every day sure saved a lot of gas money. For you guys, I could see not having to pay daycare being a similar situation.

    Enjoy your "Layoff Vacation" as long as you can. :)