Monday, August 5, 2013

5k race

So if you tuned in last week you know that I signed up for a 5k at the last moment. It wasn't until Friday night that it dawned on me that Manhattan has hills. Also please remember that I haven't ran in weeks. I also told myself that if I had to walk that it would be okay.

My cousin and I before the race.

I ran the whole thing, but my stinking awesome cousin beat me!! Hahahaha, but that is okay. I placed 13th out of my age group and my cousin got 12th. I would say that we both did pretty darn good. My cousin's husband got 3rd in his age group, he did pretty darn awesome too. He was training for a half marathon and then started having some ankle issues so he hasn't been able to run either. So I would say our group performed much better than any of us thought we would do. I had so much fun running with them. I am so glad I made the decision to run with them. It also felt awesome to run again. Once I got back into my groove, it felt good. Although I was a little sore yesterday, but nothing too bad.


We all had a good time. We got to enjoy some beer and pizza afterwards. Isn't that the healthy thing to do after running a 5k? Lol

R and I ended up staying in manhattan all weekend and had a great time. This is us after our much needed nap.


R learned how to take our picture. It was pretty cute.

Then that night we got a babysitter and the whole group went out. I will say I needed it! We had so much fun. All In all this weekend this was a GREAT one. It is great when you can exercise with your family and it makes it even better when you can an enjoy a nice cold beer with them too! Thank you Kurtz family, we had a great time.



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