Friday, August 2, 2013

Running and stupid decisions

Okay so I literally JUST signed up for a 5k for tomorrow. When is the last I ran? Ummmmmmmm A LONG TIME AGO, probably over 2-3 weeks ago. I might be stupid. But I miss running and I LOVE races. This is what I signed up

It is in Manhattan, KS and there will be beer!!! Yay. I might regret it when I am done, but I am soooo excited to put my running shoes back on! Will I PR? NO!!! Will I walk? I hope not, but there is a chance I might have to. But that isn't the point, the point is to get me back in my shoes running. Yes I have been going to the gym and lifting and some cardio, but I haven't ran in forever and I miss it. This is a great way to get me back at it! Plus I get to run with my cousin and we haven't been at the same race EVER! I am so excited!

But the other thing that has been hanging over my head is the decision to run a half marathon. And yes I said I would make the decision in July, but up until this morning I haven't given it any SERIOUS thought. Well I am saying it here and now. I am freaking running a half marathon.

I am not sure which one yet, but it will probably be the one down in Tulsa in November. Anyone else want to commit to this with me?? It will be 13.1 miles of fun!!!!! Lol plus it is a week before my birthday, what a great way for me to end the year!!

Well that is all I got for ya today. Have a good one and I will see ya next week!

Anyone going to be there (Manhattan) tomorrow? If so give me a ring or message me on Facebook!!!

Wish me luck!!!!


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  1. Lots of luck!!!! I'm also running a 5k that I am totally unprepared for tomorrow :/